Money Grubbing Jennifer LeClaire Rebukes Money Grubbing Prophets and Pastors


Money grubbing Jennifer LeClaire has taken it upon herself to rebuke pastors and prophets for engaging in the sin of money grubbing.

On 04-22-2018 on Facebook she shared an article she wrote on 07-31-2014. She rebuked leaders for being greedy for money. Proving herself to be an amazing hypocrite, since she is one of the prime examples of using God to make merchandise of people.

Although many in prophetic ministry are sounding the alarm, blowing the trumpet and stirring souls to wake up and understand the signs of the times, many in pulpits are blind watchman who are just out for greedy gain. READ THIS ARTICLE:


Jennifer LeClaire is a prime example of a money grubbing preaching.

Here is one of many examples of her hypocrisy. She calls out people for being bloodsucking chameleon vampires, but in the video you can observe her doing the same thing she accuses others of doing.

Here she tells people they can work for their breakthrough by sending her money.

Bragging about God giving her an ocean front condo.

Telling people if they need boldness they should send her money.

Here she berates people for not sending her money.

You can send her money to get a breakthrough.

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