Jesus Gave You a Flu Shot Says Gloria Copeland


Gloria Copeland says Jesus gave you a flu shot, so you really won’t ever get the flu,, and if you say I’ll never get the flu, then you’ll never get the flu.

Todd Bentley Defeated Bald Dalai Lama Spirit and Entered the Third Heaven with help from Bob Jones


Todd Bentley tells of a time he was attempting to ascend to the third heaven with his inner spirit man, but a bald Dalai Lama spirit blocked his way. Bentley says the prophet Bob Jones showed him how to defeat the bald Dalai Lama spirit so he could get to the third heaven.

Is this Christianity or some demonic eastern mystical religion?

Full video here.

Dr. Michael Brown Says to Buy Heidi Baker’s Book with Fringe Charismatic Manifestations


More proof that Dr. Michael Brown does more than associate with the dangerous extreme fringe of the charismatic movement. He’s actually in the dangerous fringe promoting their books. He strongly recommends Heidi Baker’s book where she tells about how God disabled her for seven days to the point she couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own or even eat or drink on her own.

Full interview here.


A Not So Hysterical Request to Dr. James White Regarding Dr. Michael Brown


This is a non hysterical request to Dr. James White concerning Dr. Michael Brown.  I believe Dr. Michael Brown affirms and promotes dangerous and destructive spiritual practices with his own words and actions. I’m not talking about his mere belief in continuism. Your close relations with Brown in ministry contexts could expose unsuspecting Christians to dangerous spiritual practices.

This isn’t about differences on views regarding baptism, eschatology, or communion.  What are these dangerous and destructive spiritual practices he affirms and promotes with his own words and actions?

  1. Multiple day Holy Spirit caused paralysis.
    Dr. Michael Brown affirms and promotes with his own words the idea that the Holy Spirit in the present time can come down and overcome a Christian so much that they may be unable to go to the bathroom on their own for days, or drink water on their own for days.  Click here to hear it in his own words.
  2. Convulsing in laughter, staggering, and falling.
    Dr. Michael Brown affirms and promotes with his own words the idea that the Holy spirit in the present time can come down and cause a person to convulse in laughter, stagger, fall down. Click here to hear it in his own words.
  3. Promotion of a wacky bible interpretative method.
    Promotes wacky bible interpretive method of Jonathan Cahn. The idea that old testament narratives contain micro blueprints for us to predict specific things like 9-11. Obama’s election, Clinton’s scandal. Click here to hear it in his own words.
  4. Promotion of dangerous charismatic fringe book.
    Dr. Michael Brown promoted a book by Heidi Baker. Some of the book describes Baker’s dangerous fringe spiritual experience where the Holy Spirit incapacitated her for six days so she couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own. Brown knows this is in the book, and he still promoted the book. Click here to hear it in his own words.

What is my not so hysterical request? Please attempt to correct Dr. Brown on these fringe dangerous practices.

Your close association lends credibility and may expose Christians to fringe dangerous practices. Also consider refraining from doing ministry with Dr. Brown if he doesn’t cease promoting the destructive practices after being corrected. There are very few, if any, in your wing of Christianity who think these practices are not dangerous and destructive.

That’s all.

Hypocrites or Contradicting? Todd White Contradicts His Mentor Kenneth Copeland on Suffering for Jesus


Todd White does a really good job of talking about suffering for Jesus and avoiding the comfortable life. He sings I Surrender All with such conviction. Yet this seems to contradict his spiritual father, mentor, and man that he esteems highly, Kenneth Copeland. Is this a contradiction, or are they just bloviating hypocrites?

Todd White got God to Electrocute People in a Baptismal for Him


Todd White tells of a time he got God to show up and electrocute people in a baptismal for him. For people like Todd White, ministry is mostly about finding a way to activate or trigger God to show up and do weird stuff so they can have a cool ministry.  This usually comes from some type of weird obedience or wacky self-denial. In this specific situation Todd White treats the baptismal electrocutions as a reward for his obedience.

Todd White, and many like him have a self-centered view of ministry. For them it’s all about having a ministry. God is the means for them to have a ministry. They find techniques, tactics, and triggers that cause God to “show up” and do all of these weird things.

The established gurus like White often make lots of money holding conferences, telling others how they can also have a cool ministry where God shows up and does weird things. The conferences describe the techniques and tactics it takes for God to show up. Often they’ll have altar calls where the guru(s) pray over the want to be and tell them that one day they too will have this cool ministry where God will show up and do weird things. The want to be is often strung along for years, being told that they’re simply wallowing in a desert experience, being prepared for the day God reveals them on center stage. Until the day God finally reveals them, the want to be goes from conference to conference, paying the guru, hoping to learn that one technique that will trigger God into putting them onto center stage just like the guru.

Full video here.

God Soup Nazied the Bathroom for Heidi Baker says Dr. Michael Brown


Did the Holy Spirit really soup nazi the bathroom for Heidi Baker? According to Dr. Michael Brown, Heidi Baker was once so overcome by the Holy Spirit, that she couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own, or drink water on her own for seven days.

While I have your attention, I think it’s a good time to provide proof that Michael Brown is dangerous for the church. I want to show two other reasons. Please understand, these aren’t mere guilt by association.  These are examples of his direct approval, practice and promotion of dangerous things.

Not only does Dr. Michael Brown say God can paralyze Christians so they can’t go to the bathroom on their own for days, or drink water on their own for days, he also does the the following.

Brown says the Holy Spirit can cause you to convulse in laughter, stagger, and fall over.

Dr. Michael Brown approves of and promotes wacky bible interpretation techniques, asserting that they’re valid ways to hear God today.

One more thing. Some may say this has shades of guilt by association, but I still think it’s an important point. He associates closely with, and promotes prosperity gospel ministries.

These destructive errors are like leaven, they work into his ministry, and they cast a dark shadow over the many valid and good things he has to say for the church. I hope someone can convince him to renounce these practices, so his ministry can be free of the wacky leaven of these dangerous practices.