Las Vegas Rooster Ushers in Cock Crowing Watch 2017 – Chuck Pierce


Did you know we’re in the beginning of a Cock Crowing Watch right here in February of 2017? Would you be shocked it was ushered in by a rooster Chuck Pierce saw while he was in Las Vegas?

If you’re shocked, you obviously don’t know the ramblings of Chuck Pierce. Apparently Chuck was ministering in Vegas and saw some lanterns and roosters.

Thank you for praying for me this past month. My schedule was very demanding, but the Lord has showed Himself strong at every turn. While I was ministering in Las Vegas, I noticed the lanterns and the roosters. I then realized that in the Chinese culture, this is the year of the rooster. I said to Lord, “Is there anything I need to see in this?” He immediately spoke to me and said, “This is the time for the ‘COCK CROWING WATCH’! There are certain demonic forces that can only be displaced by doing this watch.

This is another, in an endless chain of life restoration schemes dreamt up in the vain imaginations of false prophets like Chuck Pierce. Almost every week something comes down the prophetic pipeline, promising full breakthrough if you do the latest demands in said “word from God”. If these restoration schemes actually worked, there would never be a need for another restoration scheme.

The Spirit of God is saying, “Do not be afraid to go back down to that place where you were held in the valley. The valley, or the place where you have had confined vision, is losing its strength. I have a people that are getting ready to journey and come up to the place of ‘seeing’ where I reveal Myself in a new way. Not only will you see Me, but you will see your desires upon your enemy. If you will go back to the valley, you will find what was captured and the treasures that have been hidden.

Truly the power of My Name is at hand. The gifts in you that have lain dormant will arise as you ascend with Me, and you will have the power to RECOVER ALL.

Chuck Pierce is a failed prophet. He keeps broken and hurting people addicted to his false prophecies by promising restorations that never come true. Gambling your money away in Vegas is unwise, and gambling your hopes on this false prophecy ushered in by a rooster in Vegas is just silly.

Even though he’s a failed prophet, he has climbed the ladder in the kingdom of the NAR’s lunacy. In August of 2010, C. Peter Wagner, the pope of the NAR for all intents and purposes, handed over control of Global Harvest Ministries to Chuck Pierce. Instead of continuing GHM, Pierce started Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), “a new wineskin for apostolic alignment”. Chuck is described as the president of this new apostolic wineskin incorporation.

This is Peter Wagner with a very important and exciting message. On my 80th birthday, August 15, 2010, I officially turned GHM over to Chuck Pierce of Denton, Texas. Instead of continuing GHM, Chuck organized Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), a new wineskin for apostolic alignment which will carry Doris and me into the future. Chuck is President and I am Apostolic Ambassador. As a part of this transition, we have closed the GHM website, and transferred our material to the GSI website. Please click on Global Spheres and you will now find what used to be on GHM website.
May God bless you and prosper you in every way!

C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador
Global Spheres, Inc.

Chuck Pierce appears to be the leader of the NAR. So the head of all of the apostles is now receiving “prophetic” messages that are triggered by roosters he sees in Las Vegas. Do I really need to say more?

Pastor Spanks Himself for the Super Bowl and Other Silly Stuff


Has your pastor ever publicly spanked himself before getting up to preach? If you attend Crossroads Church you can answer in the affirmative.


Crossroads Church held their Super Bowl of preaching, and of course they had a major supply of worthless nonsense. The self-spanking pastor was only the beginning.

They bragged that the church service was rowdy and offensive. They had a “family friendly” sex joke and pun, and even talked about junk in the trunk. Check out the animated gifs below just so you too can experience the worthless nonsense.


You can watch the worst of the worst below, including the self-spanking pastoral entrance, sex joke and pun, junk in the trunk, other antics, and even the pastor asking why people don’t want to be associated with Evangelicals. Hmm. . . I wonder why?

If you really want to, you can watch most of the entire service.

Yet another entry that does not need further commentary.

Church Is Irreverent Spectator Sport Shamelessly Admits Crossroads Church


On Superbowl Sunday, Crossroads Church is having a preaching competition titled “Mingo vs. Tome”. They’re being incredibly honest about the event. They’re admitting it’s an irreverent, schticky thing meant to turn church into a spectator sport.


Like any megachurch gimmick they have created a promotional video.

Also, the obligatory promotional photos.


In 2016 they had a halftime show.

Church as a non-boring, irreverent, schticky spectator sport. Should this really surprise us from a church using a disposable coffee cup as their main brand image? I mean instead of something like a bible or cross?


Training Creative Goat Herders – C3 Conference 2017


It’s that time of year for C3 (Creative Church Conference), or maybe better described as “Training for Creative Goat Herders”. Their promotional videos gives us a sense of the unsavory flavor they’re about to release.

Some quotes from the video.

“Church should be the most creative entity in the universe.”

“Hearing from God, allowing God to use your uniqueness in your context, to communicate His glorious Gospel.”

What does the emphasis on creativity and uniqueness confess?

Relying on creativity and uniqueness is an outright confession that the word and sacraments that God gave his church are not enough.







Jesus instructed Peter to feed his sheep in John 21:17. Matthew 25:32-33 tells us Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats.

These Christian leaders are being taught how to entertain goats, not feed the sheep.