You Can Command Speedier Lines & Lower Prices on Shoes says Prophetess Felly Wilson


Prophetess Felly Wilson recently on Facebook revealed two new doctrines. She says we can command long slow lines to be speedier, and we can also command the prices on nice shoes to be cheaper.



Apostle JB Makananisa Repeatedly Slaps Woman During Deliverance Session


Apostle JB Makananisa of Charis Missionary Church repeatedly slapped a woman during one of his deliverance sessions. Watch the clips below and you can clearly hear audible slaps from his hand against her skin.

Watch the unedited video below.

Anointed Belly and Back Stomps? -Prophetess Mattie Nottage


What should you do if you’re a prophetess and your two red glory cloths protected by angels still can’t deliver the full impact of God’s anointing? Prophetess Mattie Nottage may suggest delivering some firm foot stomps to the belly or back of people privileged enough to come within the domain of such  red glory cloths.




Check out the “anointed” stomps of the “prophetess” below, along with other clearly not anointed nonsense on her so called red glory cloths.


You can watch the original version in its entirety below



Steven Furtick Ad-libs “Worship” Song About Perry Noble


Steven Furtick ad-libbed a worship song about Perry Noble while introducing him after an emotionally charged time of worship.

Furtick said there was a word from God in the house, and then he broke out into a worship style ad-libbed song about Perry Noble. They spent a good time worshipping God with energy, then so easily transitioned into singing a song about Perry Noble. Are things really about God at Elevation Church, or more about using God as a ruse to praise men and pump egos?

Prophetic Teasing? – Jennifer LeClaire Jazzes Up the “Oracles of God”


Did you know the oracles of God need some teasing out? You know, a little suspense to get attention, because the living and active word of God isn’t powerful enough on its own.

Jennifer LeClaire believes God told her a new MEGA prayer movement will be started June 4th, 2017 on Pentecost Sunday. She spoke of how she’s been teasing out this latest revelation on a recent Facebook video.

Why do the oracles of God need teasing out? During the full video she acts as if she let the cat out of the bag beforehand. This is all really confusing and absurd.

Why would she even hint at a word God gave her, if God told her not to release it? Why would she retain a full word from the body of Christ if God told her to give it? Why is she treating the oracles of God like a consumer product that needs teasing out?

The answer to all of the above is because Jennifer LeClaire isn’t speaking forth any oracles of God. It’s her job to keep a constant stream of fresh “revelations” so her followers can keep being tossed about by every wind and wave she blows upon the body of Christ. She keeps her followers off balance with a constant stream of  nonsense. It’s hard to call her on her Sneaky Squid Spirit fail, when one is distracted by some new absurdity.




Furtick’s Ego Survives Entire Sermon Without Crowd Triggered Endorphin Rush?


FurtickLead05112017bDid Steven Furtick’s ego and central nervous system survive an entire sermon without an audience triggered endorphin rush?

Before preaching on Coming Out of the Drought, Steven Furtick said he wanted to commit to teaching, and not engage in any hollering or wild stuff during his sermon. Could his ego survive a calm audience? How would his central nervous system react to an audience not pumping his system full of endorphins every two minutes? Did Furtick even live up to his commitment? Take a look below and decide for yourself.

Jennifer LeClaire’s Hypocritical Goofy Prophetic Pimping


Jennifer LeClaire is guilty of rank hypocrisy. On May 5, 2017 she was interviewed by Michael Brown on his show The Line of Fire.

Michael Brown asked Jennifer about her greatest concerns and encouragements concerning current trends in the charismatic movement. LeClaire said that honestly her greatest concerns have to do with some camps in the movement. She spoke against the goofy stuff going on, people using the prophetic for merchandising, people pimping for money, and people giving false prophetic utterances. LeClaire said all of that greatly concerns her.

She then said God spoke into her heart about a year ago concerning those things, and told her to speak directly into it. LeClaire said God told her to operate in the true prophetic and to model integrity.  LeClaire has not followed the supposed directions God gave her. You can listen to that segment of the interview below.

LeClaire is guilty of the rankest of hypocrisy. I’ll give an example of blatant merchandising and pimping first, and then an example of the goofy.

In November of 2016 she claimed God gave her an urgent prophecy about Angels of the Abundant Harvest. She stated the prophecy was urgent, profound, and the body of Christ needed to hear it. Yet in order to hear the full prophecy, you had to purchase the book.

Posting things online is easy. If someone really believes God has an urgent message for the church, shouldn’t they just post the entire thing online, for free, that way most everyone can read and receive such an urgent word? The fact that you had to fork over money in order to receive the full urgent word from God proves LeClaire is involved in rank hypocrisy, and is engaged in prophetic merchandising and pimping, even though she claims God told her to speak against it. You can read the full account of her hypocrisy here.

Even though LeClaire claims God told her to speak against goofy things, she engages in really goofy things. On February 23, 2017 she wrote an article for Charisma titled When the Sneaky Squid Spirit Starts Stalking You.


There is nothing in the bible about a Sneaky Squid Spirit capable of stalking you. Some may suggest it’s valid because the bible doesn’t speak against such a thing. If that is the litmus test for what’s real concerning spiritual matters, then what’s to stop someone from saying there is a rainbow colored owl named Steve who wants to fill your mind with songs by Barry Manilow and Miley Cyrus?


Jennifer LeClaire is a goofy, merchandising, prophetic pimp of the highest order. She’s not the face of some shadowy minor segment in the charismatic movement. She’s literally a front and center influential face in the movement because she’s the senior editor of Charisma magazine.

People justifying this nonsense need a set of fresh eyes, and they need to repent. This isn’t a small percentage of people in the movement only brought into the light by bored bloggers. This is literally the public face of the movement. People should be ashamed of themselves for overlooking or trying to normalize this cancer that’s attempting to identify with Christianity.