Prophetic Teasing? – Jennifer LeClaire Jazzes Up the “Oracles of God”


Did you know the oracles of God need some teasing out? You know, a little suspense to get attention, because the living and active word of God isn’t powerful enough on its own.

Jennifer LeClaire believes God told her a new MEGA prayer movement will be started June 4th, 2017 on Pentecost Sunday. She spoke of how she’s been teasing out this latest revelation on a recent Facebook video.

Why do the oracles of God need teasing out? During the full video she acts as if she let the cat out of the bag beforehand. This is all really confusing and absurd.

Why would she even hint at a word God gave her, if God told her not to release it? Why would she retain a full word from the body of Christ if God told her to give it? Why is she treating the oracles of God like a consumer product that needs teasing out?

The answer to all of the above is because Jennifer LeClaire isn’t speaking forth any oracles of God. It’s her job to keep a constant stream of fresh “revelations” so her followers can keep being tossed about by every wind and wave she blows upon the body of Christ. She keeps her followers off balance with a constant stream of  nonsense. It’s hard to call her on her Sneaky Squid Spirit fail, when one is distracted by some new absurdity.




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