God Releases Two Witnesses from “U-Haul” Trailer


The two witnesses of Revelation 11 are named Marshall and Russell, and have been released from a U-Haul like trailer according to “Seer” Rhonda Empson.

Rhonda Empson in a recent Youtube video claimed to be a seer who is God’s mouthpiece. She describes a God given dream about the releasing of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Their names are apparently Marshall and Russell, and they’ve been kept hidden in a U-Haul like trailer by God.


According to Rhonda, Marshall and Russell have been released from the U-Haul by God and are now roaming  around free. A brief side note, two characters from the cartoon Paw Patrol are named Marshall and Rubble.


So it’s possible that this fictional message that’s for the dogs is influenced by a cartoon that has two dogs.

Does this absurd “word” from God really need further commentary?

Vonda Brewer is WRONG! – Dump Trump Fail – Installing her “Prophetic Gravestone”


Vonda Brewer “prophesied” the dumping of Donald Trump as a candidate from the Republican ticket during the primaries, and then during the general election. She “prophesied” that Jeb and his son would be on the ticket instead. She has moved the prophetic goal posts many times as her “prophecy” was proven false.

Vonda Brewer is dead WRONG. Dump Trump was a fail. Today her prophetic gravestone has been installed. Luckily for her, it’s only figurative, because under the old covenant, she’d be dead. Watch the video below to observe the installation of her “prophetic” gravestone.

Anointed NARcissism? Man Uses Selfie Stick During NAR Trump Prayer Event

Rebecca Greenwood shared photos and videos on Facebook from a prayer event at the National Press Club lead by at least two visible NAR leaders, Lance Wallnau and Lou Engle. One of the videos shows a guy shooting a selfie with his selfie stick around the time Lou Engle was praying and as others continued to pray around him.