Training Creative Goat Herders – C3 Conference 2017


It’s that time of year for C3 (Creative Church Conference), or maybe better described as “Training for Creative Goat Herders”. Their promotional videos gives us a sense of the unsavory flavor they’re about to release.

Some quotes from the video.

“Church should be the most creative entity in the universe.”

“Hearing from God, allowing God to use your uniqueness in your context, to communicate His glorious Gospel.”

What does the emphasis on creativity and uniqueness confess?

Relying on creativity and uniqueness is an outright confession that the word and sacraments that God gave his church are not enough.







Jesus instructed Peter to feed his sheep in John 21:17. Matthew 25:32-33 tells us Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats.

These Christian leaders are being taught how to entertain goats, not feed the sheep.

Perhaps There Is No God Suggests Andy Stanley


“If there is no God, and perhaps there’s not,” said Andy Stanley during an official Sunday worship service.

Before I get going, I want to be fair to the entire context of what Andy Stanley is attempting to do. He’s in a series of messages called Who Needs God. He’s approaching it as an informal discussion between him and unbelievers, but it is being done during official Sunday worship services. His end goal is to convince them of their need for God.

On August 14, 2016 he preached a message titled Atheist 2.0. During the message he suggested that perhaps there may not be a God. “If there is no God, and perhaps there’s not.”

***Update 08-23-2016****
Some may object and suggest he simply misspoke. He did not misspeak. What he said there is congruent with the rest of what he said. He left a lot of things open for possibility that a Christian pastor should not leave open. Here are further examples to prove he did not misspeak.

1. There may be no you, rather just biology.
2. The sense of no ought, and no value may be true.
3. Left open the possibility that something came from nothing, Complex life came from simple life, through the invisible force of natural selection. He said that may be true.

Yes his end goal is to convince them of God, but why is a Christian pastor even leaving that possibility open in a sermon? If you listen to the entire sermon, I can guarantee you’ll hear more quotes from atheists than from scripture, and really, I’m pretty sure he didn’t quote any scripture, but maybe I missed one.

Why during an official Sunday worship service is a Christian pastor quoting atheists more than scripture? (Probably no scripture at all.) Why is this Christian pastor even suggesting that perhaps there may not be a God?

The job of a Christian pastor is to encourage belief and preach the word during a Sunday worship service, not leave room in the minds of the listeners for the potential of atheism being true.


Hillsong Hijacking Your Church? Warning Signs – Real Life Story – Must Share


HILLSONGHIJACK.pngCovertly Hillsong Church may be trying to hijack your church behind your back. Church Watch Central just wrote a very important and compelling blog entry about how Hillsong Church worked covertly behind the scenes to hijack a church and bring it into the Hillsong system. This could happen to your church. Please read and share this vital information. They provide a real life example and warning signs that your church may too be under a Hillsong hijack attempt. Link

Steven Furtick Celebrates Being Named to List with New Age Guru and False Teachers


What does Steven Furtick have in common with new age guru Deepak Chopra, same-sex marriage affirming and eternal hell denying Rob Bell? Why is he celebrating with people like them? What is he celebrating with them?

Elevation Church announced that Steven Furtick made the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul 100 influencers list. He’s praised for inspiring others to live out an authentic life.


Who is celebrating along with him?

New age guru Deepak Chopra.


Same-sex marriage affirming, eternal punishment denier Rob Bell.


The man who won’t clearly say he adheres to the Trinity, T.D. Jakes.


There are more on the list, and you can check them out here

Why is a Christian pastor celebrating being placed on a list along with these people? Why is he accepting praise for inspiring people to live an authentic life?

A Christian pastor should seek to create as much distance as is possible from new age gurus and false teachers. Instead Steven Furtick hugs it like a security blanket.


Listen, if your pastor is not trying to create distance between himself and a new age guru, you really need to pray for your pastor to repent, and you should find a biblical way to address it.

Validating a Necromancer? Hillsong’s Brian Houston and Necromancer Shawn Bolz – Close Contact Ministry


Is Brian Houston of Hillsong Church validating the ministry of a necromancer?

Why is Brian Houston of Hillsong Church scheduled to do close contact ministry with the likes of Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson, and Shawn Bolz at the Open Heavens Conference in October of 2016?


Why is Steven Furtick of Elevation Church doing close contact ministry with Brian Houston at various Hillsong Church conferences?

Why is Steven Furtick doing close contact ministry with someone who is scheduled to do close contact ministry with the likes of Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson, and Shawn Bolz?

At this point some of you are right with me, because you understand the concerns surrounding these people. Some of you may not understand the concerns. I’ll provide a brief explanation for those needing further information.

Shawn Bolz claims he had an encounter with an angel described as the Minister of Finance for the Kingdom.

The Lord’s audible voice filled the room, introducing the angel standing before me: “Welcome the Minister of Finance for the Kingdom.” So begins the unfolding of Shawn Bolz’s visitations from God’s heavenly messenger, His Minister of Finance. Heavenly resources have only one purpose-that Jesus Christ would receive His full reward and inheritance in our age.


Shawn Bolz claims he sees dead people. That’s necromancy. Scripture forbids this in Deut. 18:10-12 and Lev. 19:31.


Steve Kozar of Pirate Christian Radio covers Shawn Bolz doing cold readings from his cell phone at Azusa Now.

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio has covered Shawn Bolz. Rosebrough exposes the open theist leanings of Shawn Bolz. Here Rosebrough tests the fruits of Bolz, and finds he mimics the Long Island Medium. He also covered the necromancy of Shawn Bolz.

Shawn Bolz is guilty of necromancy, has open theistic leanings, and very concerning practices. Brian Houston of Hillsong Church is doing close contact ministry with him. That is very concerning.

Volumes could be written on the concerns surrounding Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson. I’ll give a few breadcrumbs, use your favorite search engine to find more.

Bethel Redding Fire Tunnel With Puppets
Bethel Church Tells Witch that She’s “On the Right Path” and “God is So Proud of Her!”
Bethel Church Cancels “Serious Death” & Releases Chickens, Barbecues and Houses
Bill Johnson’s Followers Imply: “He’s Equivalent to Jesus” and “The Apostles Were Pharisees”

Get the idea? Yes. Good.

Brian Houston of Hillsong Church is a global mega name, and he’s scheduled to do close contact ministry with a necromancer. Houston wields major influence and his ultra close association with the necromancer Shawn Bolz at the Open Heavens conference will give validation to the ministry of a necromancer.

Steven Furtick also wields a lot of influence. Does he validate the ministry of Brian Houston by doing close contact ministry with him at Hillsong conferences? What does it say about Furtick’s discernment? He’s doing close contact ministry with a man who is scheduled to do a conference with a necromancer.

Influence and associations matter in Christian ministry. People may trust the necromancy of Shawn Bolz because a heavy hitter like Brian Houston is scheduled to do close contact ministry with him.




False Miracle Pregnancy from Prophet Nicholas Prophetic and Deliverance Page


Prophet Nicholas of the Facebook page Prophetic & Deliverance Page posted another false miracle. This time the miracle is a false miracle pregnancy of triplets. I’ll give the short explanation, then post the evidence.

He claims the woman became pregnant in March of 2015. He posted this picture of a woman holding three babies.


That picture is actually from another story found on The Daily Monitor from February 27, 2015. She had already given birth by February 27, 2015. It’s kind of hard to be pregnant for the babies you’re already holding.

Here is his Facebook post.



After series of Test and Doctors Report…they said to her SHE HAS NO WOMB…TO CONCEIVE ANY CHILD…She visited Herbal Home and They told her she will never give birth in her life…
According to her she said, I got married in the year 1999, and hoping to have kids but no way. i have wondered and having plans to adopt a child…My husband has lost home and plan to marry another woman as we both agreed on it…so he can have His own child, He is a good man and a wonderful man and husband to me.
Family problem, mockery from friends and it was serious for me..shame.
i was introduce to the prophetic page in January 2015, and my miracle begin, i followed the page for 3weeks before sending a message to the Prophet and God use him as He Prophecy it happens…to Summarize my Testimony, the Prophet went direct to the root of my case and after that in the 3rd month of 2015 which is march i miss my period.. not knowing what was going on. i only just want to go check what is going on..Lo and Behold, i was Pregnant..God, i had to open my eyes so as to believe am not dreaming..this is a miracle..
Today i am revealing the evidence of the Prophet.
Those who laugh and mock me came to Celebrate with me.
i needed just a Child but God Gave me Triple for my Long waiting..
Glory to God…
Thank you so much Prophet Nicholas for your Obedient to serve and hear from God.

Connect/Watsapp: +2348173247508..




Here is the February 27, 2015 article from the Daily Monitor featuring the woman holding the babies.


Please don’t be fooled by the lies of Prophet Nicholas and his fake miracles.

Other points of interest. The Daily Monitor article says she was 31 in February of 2015. Prophet Nicholas claims she was married in 1999. She’s around 32 now based on the age in the Daily Monitor. Meaning her birth year was maybe 1984 or 1985. That means she was married at 15 or 16? Seems suspect, yes?


Shawn Bolz Sees Dead Child in Cold Reading


Shawn Bolz is now claiming to see dead people. During one of his cold reading “prophecies” with a couple, he claimed he saw their dead daughter Morgan.

2:50 Even tonight as I’m seeing her.
4:18 I just see Jesus smiling with her.
4:20 I’m telling you she’s like watching you like we watch reality television.

This kind of communication from the dead isn’t encouraged in the Bible. It’s a demonic parlor trick causing people to be distracted from the main message of the Gospel. Scripture forbids this in Deut. 18:10-12 and Lev. 19:31.

Chris Rosebrough does a segment on testing the fruit of Shawn Bolz. Link