Jennifer LeClaire Writes New Inspired Scripture?


Jennifer LeClaire’s new book Mornings With the Holy Spirit With Journal: Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of God, appears to be new scripture based on the book’s description on

Mornings With the Holy Spirit with Journal is a daily devotional written as if the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to you. Through her personal journaling during times of worship, prayer, and just everyday living, Jennifer LeClaire has recorded the words the Holy Spirit has given her.Each entry includes a brief word from the Holy Spirit, relevant Scripture references, a prayer, and lines for recording God’s personal message to the reader.


  1. Written as if the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to you.
  2. Recorded the words the Holy Spirit has given her.
  3. A brief word from the Holy Spirit.

That is not the description of a quaint personal reflection devotional. The claims above put this book on the same level as scripture. Words spoken by the Holy Spirit, directly to you, carry the weight of scripture. That means if you don’t believe every “word from God” in this book, and disobey the “words”, you are in fact disbelieving God and failing to obey God

Keep in mind, this is the same person who told us to beware of the sneaky squid spirit.


LeClaire is also the same person who claimed to have important direct revelation for the church, but instead of just publishing it free online, she held it ransom, so you had to purchase her book about Angels of Abundant Harvest.

Jennifer LeClaire has a clear history of saying nutty things, and using supposed “direct revelation” from God to put money in her bank account, instead of simply sharing it freely for the edification of the church.

Her latest book is about as inspired as The Trump Coloring Book.



Exorcism by Zerbert? Is “Prophetess” Mattie Nottage Zerberting Demons?


It’s possible “prophetess” Mattie Nottage may be zerberting demons, something potentially learned by watching The Cosby Show. (You can watch the scene here if you do not have a frame of reference for the zerbert.) Here are clips from a recent exorcism video she released.

It’s hard to discern if she’s actually making the zerbert noises or if those were edited in for dramatic effect. This “exorcism” is more about drawing attention to the false prophetess, than it is about setting someone free from demons.

Here is the disaster in unedited long-form.

Customized Blasphemy – “Apostle” Kelly’s Customized Holy Ghost White Cadillac


In scripture Paul an apostle wrote of his struggle as an apostle. He described how he hungered, thirsted, was poorly dressed, buffeted, and homeless (1 Corinthians 4:11). Apostle John P. Kelly has a much different experience.


Biblical apostles reference the Holy Ghost in relation to the things of salvation. False super apostles view the third person of the Trinity as an amazing adjective to describe he paint color on their customized Cadillac.

A few days before the customized blasphemy post, “apostle” Kelly posted what looked to be a rebuke to modern day “apostles”.


I can’t see real apostles using the Holy Ghost as an adjective for a customized Cadillac paint color. On the other hand, I can see money grubbing, glory seeking “apostles” doing such a thing.