Epic Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias From a Todd White Follower on Youtube


I got into an exchange with a Todd White supporter on Youtube regarding one of my videos. What followed was an epic in the wild example of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias.

I pointed out that Todd White considers the money grubbing false teacher Kenneth Copeland rock solid and a mentor. The White supporter replied back that he doesn’t agree with Copeland one bit. A few exchanges later he says that White may have lied about that in order to get money. So he’s now admitting that White may have lied for money. At this point he should maybe start questioning things. NOPE! He doubles down!

Later he says he’s sure the Holy Spirit is convicted White to renounce Copeland. So now he admits White isn’t just someone who lies to get money, but he’s also in open rebellion to God. With these two huge things, you’d think he’d start to question. NOPE!

The deception is strong, and clearly needs more than the weapon of a better argument. Keep these people in prayer.

I’ll put the screen shots below. You can read it on Youtube here. It’s with the person identifying as Dan Farber.



“ME”ga2k18 Lowlights – Self Worship and Phony Hyper Emotional Breakthroughs


Ryan Lestrange’s MEGA2k18 was an ode to self in the name of God, full of trumped up phony hyper emotional breakthroughs. Below is a highlight video from Ryan Lestrange. Notice the emphasis on self.

It’s sad to see the bondage these false apostles and prophets put people in. They’re promised that God wants to make them all a well known apostle or prophet. It’s just that for now they’re dwelling in obscurity in the wilderness. What’s the solution to coming out of obscurity? Coming to conferences like this of course so you can get an impartation, and word from God, to at least string you along until the next conference.

These people are promised a breakthrough, but in reality they’re simply worked up into an emotional frenzy, and once they reach an emotional high, they think they’ve actually achieved something. They’ve only accomplished an emotional release, similar to a high school pep rally.

Listen people, if your leaders make ministry sound like it’s all about you, then you need to find new leaders. God is not a means to making your ministry exist. It’s not God’s job to reveal you or make you known. When your leaders appeal to you this way, they’re appealing to your sin nature.

If you’re coming to God because you feel overlooked and ignored, and think he can make it so you’re looked at, overbooked, and sought out, your heart is in the wrong place. Any leader who would appeal to that wrong is in the wrong.

Ask God to grant you repentance if this is you. Ask him to change your sinful nature through trusting in what Jesus did for you and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to help you mortify that prideful aspect of your sin nature.

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God Is Pouring out Umbrellas Reach up and Grab It for Protection Says Apostle Jennifer LeClaire



Are you suffering from disappointment or other elements from the world? Then all you need to do is reach up and grab the invisible umbrellas that God is pouring out. Apostle Jennifer LeClaire said God is pouring out invisible umbrellas and all we need to do is reach up and grab it, then we’ll be protected.

Original video here.

Todd White: God Made Me Look Like a Heavily Medicated Patient and Wounded Me so I Couldn’t Walk – Clearly Demons Not God


Todd White describes a spiritual experience he attributes to God, but we’re going to see that scripture attributes it to the work of demons.

Todd White says God made him look like he was on heavy medication. Mark 5:15 says of a demon possessed man that he was found in his right mind when Jesus touched him. That means it was demons that left him feeling out of his mind.

Todd White says God had him on the floor incapacitated while wailing, screaming, and crying. Mark 5:5 describes a demon possessed man as crying out and cutting himself.

Todd White says God made him so he couldn’t walk and was really hurt. Acts 19:16 describes people who encountered demons, and they’re described as going away wounded.

These types of experiences are attributed to God by many people like Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, and many others all in the circle of influence of the Toronto Demonizing. (I call it the Toronto Demonizing because it surely isn’t a blessing if you compare their experiences to scripture.)

Original video here.

Like Share and Comment on Apostle Bridges’ Facebook Video for an Exponential Harvest of Miracles


You’ll have an exponential harvest of miracles if you like, comment, and share Apostle Kynan Bridges video on Facebook.

Apostle Bridges has appeared on Sid Roth’s It’s SuperNatural. That should be enough of an indicator he’s in the dangerous fringes of fakers claiming the title of Christianity. According to his website he has his own Super Natural School of Ministry. He’s the senior pastor of Grace and Peace Global Fellowship.

There is really nothing in scripture to indicate that you’ll get more miracles if you promote a false apostle’s Facebook video. He’s just using the name of God to further his ego on social media.

Original video here.

Angelic Possession Birthed Lou Engle’s The Call Ministry


Lou Engle’s the The Call was apparently birthed from an event where angels were influencing people to such an extent that the angels were singing through them. (Angelic possession in my opinion.)

There is nothing in scripture that indicates angels will speak through us. It’s one thing for someone to say God spoke through me, at least that’s within the realm of what the bible says happens.

What spirit is Lou Engle giving himself up to? Could this explain his constant rocking motion? Anyone with any sense of discernment knows that’s not from God. Is it most likely some “angel” working through him?

People should be really concerned that such a major influential “ministry” like The Call was birthed from what has to be demonic angel possession.

Original video here.

NAR USCAL Apostle Leader Dale Bronner Speaks at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church


NAR USCAL leader and apostle Dale Bronner spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. The video of his sermon on Saddleback’s Youtube channel is dated September 5, 2017.

Dale Bronner is listed as an associate convener on the USCAL website. ICAL also verifies that position on their website. I’m cautious about swinging the NAR(New Apostolic Reformation) term around as a coverall for everything, but the USCAL site uses that term in an article on their website. Since he’s a major leader of that organization, and the writer of that article Joseph Mattera is the head leader, I have no problem applying the term to Bronner since his very organization uses the term.

I covered Dale Bronner before because he told his Facebook followers to find inspiration from the whispers of angels. Dale Bronner is also the leader at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.

It should be very concerning that a major leader such as Rick Warren handed his church over to a word of faith, NAR apostle, that could have possibly told them to listen to the whispers of angels.

I’m not going to do further analysis on this. I’ll leave that to the heavier hitters. This blog often serves as something that raises awareness of an issue. It may serve that purpose this time. Links to all of my claims are in the content above.

Francis Chan Open to Strange Manifestations? “Even If I look stupid” “Try to look like I’m in control”


Francis Chan had a potentially concerning prayer about the Holy Spirit at Awaken the Dawn, that had people in attendance like Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, and Todd White. He asked to be lead by the Spirit, to hear the Spirit, and be filled with the fullness of God. In the prayer he said he didn’t want to be concerned about looking stupid and about not being in control.

A prayer like this is concerning because of the company he’s been keeping with the likes of IHOP, Mike Bickle, and Lou Engle. It could indicate he’s open to their unbiblical demonic manifestations. Are we seeing further movement of Chan into accepting the fringe practices of Charismania?

Chan also gave a prayer where it looks like he might be saying we shouldn’t divide from heretics like Engle.


The church needs to keep their eyes on this situation. Chan still holds a lot of credibility with many.

Does Francis Chan Use Direct Revelation to Convince Us Not to Divide From Heretics Like Lou Engle?


Francis Chan spoke at Awaken the Dawn, and before getting to his message he mentioned that he met Lou Engle. Chan also claimed direct revelation from God as he called on people to walk in humility and to stop dividing. It’s fine if he’s calling people to walk in humility over doctrinal differences, but he specifically mentioned Lou Engle, and it comes across like he’s wielding the heavy hammer of direct revelation from God as a means to say we can’t divide from heretics like Lou Engle.


Full video here.