Passion Bible Translation Tainted by Secrets Given in Divine Encounter – Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons is involved in translating the Passion bible translation. While speaking about his work on the translation, he used concerning statements like shown below.

“The Lord audibly spoke”
“He spoke to me”
“You’re going to bring a word to the nations”
“I had a divine encounter”
“I was given this commission to do this work”
“He promised that he would help me”
“He would give me secrets”
“He would show me things”
“He would give me divine super natural help”
“He has helped us”

We should be concerned by a translation appearing to be tainted by secrets given in a private divine encounter. Statements in context in video below.

Prophetic Hookup Agenda? Wife Famine Over?

Has your pastor ever declared himself the prophetic deliverer from the wife famine in the land? Maybe your pastor has declared a prophetic hookup agenda at least once in your life? Yes? No?

If your answer is no, let me hook you up with Prophet Nicholas, or formally known as Prince Nicholas Ehi Anthony. He’s been declaring deliverance from the single life for his followers on his Facebook page.

He claims to have a hookup agenda backed by the heavy hand of God.


Soon all of those who have laughed at your singleness will be laughing with you.


Prophet Nicholas is a deliverer like Joseph, sent by God to deliver you from your wife/husband famine. Just contact him on WhatsApp, and he’ll send you full marriage supplies!



Oldies Pop Music Sunday Church Openers – North Point Community Church

Does your church ever open with “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”? How about “Sweet Child of Mine”? Possibly a nice rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling”?

North Point Community Church has been doing oldie pop music openers in their Sunday services.


Enjoy some 1970s country and John Denver.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling”

“Sweet Child of Mine”

Then maybe this is sacramental confetti?


Is lack of the above really keeping people out of church?


No Gospel Teasers – At The Movies 2016 – LCBC Church

LCBC Church is having At The Movies 2016 this coming July, right around the corner. The event is during regular Sunday services.

Their event page asks an interesting question.

You’re probably wondering what watching movies has to do with church

They’ve designed a special social media invite kit for At The Movies, so they can promote the event. Does anything in the social media teaser kit answer the question above? Let’s have a look.

First, six images you can share on social media. Any mention of the Gospel?






Some humorous stereotypes about types of people you may find at the movies, but no teasers about the Gospel. Let’s not lose hope yet, there is more on the social media promotion page. They have three teaser videos posted.



No mention of the Gospel in the social media kit. Nada. Nothing.

What can you expect as you enter the church atrium?

Back to their original question.

You’re probably wondering what watching movies has to do with church

From their promotional material, and the view you receive upon entering the church, you can’t find an answer to that question.

Imagine the money, energy, and sweat spent creating such an elaborate production. Are lack of elaborate movie gimmicks really keeping people away from the church?

Prophet Sniper 1 Gets Pregnant on his Prayer Mountain

Prophet Sniper 1 is on a prayer retreat on his prayer mountain and has declared himself pregnant.

I have been in the closet(bedroom) of God for too long, what do you expect? PREGNANCY.

If you’re seeking a spouse, he’s pregnant with her/him. Looking for some debt cancelation? That’s in his Snipery womb too. And there is more. So, so, so much more.


Let’s pray this false prophet and his belly full of pregnant lies either repents or doesn’t make it back down from his mountain.


Rayon Anointing Destroys Thought Manifestation Paralysis – Prophet Major 1

Do you suffer from thought manifestation paralysis? What’s that? Well that’s when you have a dream thought that for some reason won’t manifest into reality.

Have you spoken, declared, and believed until you were ready to burn all of your Joel Osteen books due to pure frustration? It’s probably because you don’t have the Rayon Anointing.

The Rayon Anointing is the cure for thought manifestation paralysis. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1, says the Rayon Anointing can bring “all that you think into manifestation”.

Who needs all of that hard work of declaring, proclaiming, and believing, when all you need is the Rayon Anointing?




Anointed Cage Fight? Heavenly Chokeholds & Divine Tapouts?

Joshua Iginla Ministries posted a mother load of pictures from a recent meeting. Three of them look similar to photos you might see from a mixed martial arts cage fight.

Observe what appears to be a heavenly chokehold leading to a full divine tapout.


It’s like shades of Napoleon Dynamite. Bow to your sensei?