Get Your Cheatin’ Boyfriend Back and Other Odd Prayers by MrPastor77


Onesi Callie known also as MrPastor77 has a vast index of prayers on Youtube and his website. He prays for someone’s boyfriend to quit hating her in one of his prayers. Apparently there are evil spirits that cause boyfriends to dump their girlfriends.

Father God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob in Israel, the Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Father God, we ask you right now to see to it that you will bind up the evil spirit of hatred that has been operating in this female Child’s boyfriend, who she is planning to marry, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father God, we ask you right now to see to it that you will set her free, set him free, Father God, from this evil spirit of hatred that has been causing him to hate his girlfriend, your female Child, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father God, he has been repelling away from her, he has stopped calling her.

Father God, he has mentally broken up with her and, most likely, it came because of some other women who have been chasing or have come to ruin this relationship. Father God, see to it that you remove these women out of his life so that he won’t have any distractions and so that he can focus on your female Child only and love her only, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

He had to create this video to verify that it was indeed him holding the camera in his bathroom with the shower curtain behind him.

Here he gives some information on himself and his beliefs.


Randy “The Apostle of Pain” Clark Asks God to Literally Painfully Electrocute and Touch People


Randy “The Apostle of Pain” Clark often asks God to electrocute people, and has even asked God to cause people to have pain in their hands.  Randy Clark is recognized as an apostle by Apostle G Maldonado and has spoken at Voice of the Apostles.


Original videos below.

The Owl Anointing – Owl Anointed Cake Reaches Gay Person for God


Kathie Walters claims God made her say owl for ten minutes straight, and then was given a revelation about the owl anointing. A friend told her to watch some Kris Vallotton teachings on the owl anointing. She also tells us how God anointed a painting with the owl anointing and reached a gay person.


Original video here.

John Wimber Thought the Gospel Wasn’t Enough and Expected Church to Multiply Fish and Bread like Jesus


John Wimber the founder of Vineyard churches said some troubling things in a 1995 interview with ABC News. He said he was disappointed that the church wasn’t multiplying fish and bread like Jesus. Wimber believes the church can only survive with signs and wonders, after all, what does the church have to offer?

What does the church have to offer? If the simple gospel about repentance and the forgiveness of sins isn’t enough, then there is a huge problem. To gospel isn’t window dressing. Signs and wonders are not the main event. This brief video really hits at the core of what’s wrong with the hyper-extreme signs and wonders charismatic movement. They don’t think the gospel is enough.

What began with a desire to see manifestations seen in the Bible, ended with a movement promoting manifestations that are not in the bible. They created their own manmade traditions because the gospel wasn’t enough.


Original video here.

Dr. Michael Brown’s Citizenship in Sid Roth-Iscam – Using Direct Revelation to Scam and Move Product


New improved video proof. Dr. Michael Brown is a full citizen of Sid Roth-Iscam, because he used a claim of direct revelation from God to scam and sell his product on Roth’s show, just like all of the other scammers on Roth’s show.

Links to original videos.

Dr. Michael Brown on Sid Roth

The prophetic twins

The super prayer