Kat Kerr Releases Lightning to Destroy Cancer & Poverty


Katt Ker claims an angel imparted lighting to her, and now she’s going to impart the lightning to others. Lightning apparently cures illnesses and destroys poverty.

She’s making things up. There is nothing in scripture about angels imparting cancer curing lightning to people. Go ahead, look, you won’t find it.

Her magic lightning zaps aren’t going to fill your bank account with money. She can impart until the pink in her hair fades back to her natural color, not one penny will appear in your wallet because she’s imparting lightning.

In fact, if you listen to her long enough, it may be you who imparts some money into her wallet. She operates a self described for profit “ministry” called Revealing Heaven.

This is a free country. Katt is free to be creative with color on the canvas of her middle aged hair. She can really glam it up so it looks like a Unicorn Frappuccino.


Her creative freedom stops when she tries making stuff up and applying it to the canvas of scripture. Scripture only has one author, and that author certainly hasn’t written about lightning imparting angels releasing bolts of money making lightning.