Hillsong’s Brian Houston & Assemblies of God Covered Up a Pedophilia Scandal Asserts Church Watch Central

Church Watch Central in an extensive blog entry asserts that Hillsong’s Brian Houston and the Assemblies of God covered up a pedophilia scandal involving Frank Houston in 1999. Link to entry here.

Perhaps There Is No God Suggests Andy Stanley


“If there is no God, and perhaps there’s not,” said Andy Stanley during an official Sunday worship service.

Before I get going, I want to be fair to the entire context of what Andy Stanley is attempting to do. He’s in a series of messages called Who Needs God. He’s approaching it as an informal discussion between him and unbelievers, but it is being done during official Sunday worship services. His end goal is to convince them of their need for God.

On August 14, 2016 he preached a message titled Atheist 2.0. During the message he suggested that perhaps there may not be a God. “If there is no God, and perhaps there’s not.”

***Update 08-23-2016****
Some may object and suggest he simply misspoke. He did not misspeak. What he said there is congruent with the rest of what he said. He left a lot of things open for possibility that a Christian pastor should not leave open. Here are further examples to prove he did not misspeak.

1. There may be no you, rather just biology.
2. The sense of no ought, and no value may be true.
3. Left open the possibility that something came from nothing, Complex life came from simple life, through the invisible force of natural selection. He said that may be true.

Yes his end goal is to convince them of God, but why is a Christian pastor even leaving that possibility open in a sermon? If you listen to the entire sermon, I can guarantee you’ll hear more quotes from atheists than from scripture, and really, I’m pretty sure he didn’t quote any scripture, but maybe I missed one.

Why during an official Sunday worship service is a Christian pastor quoting atheists more than scripture? (Probably no scripture at all.) Why is this Christian pastor even suggesting that perhaps there may not be a God?

The job of a Christian pastor is to encourage belief and preach the word during a Sunday worship service, not leave room in the minds of the listeners for the potential of atheism being true.


Welcomed by Sadness at The Rock Church


Sadness (the character) literally welcomed you if you attended the Inside Out theme at The Rock Church. The images provided by their Facebook page are a perfect unintended metaphor for what is going on.


So what’s the big deal? This wasn’t an extra curricular outreach. The Rock Church was doing this during their official Sunday worship service. They are unintentionally confessing many things by greeting people at the door with movie themes.


They confess that entertainment, movies, movie characters, and not Jesus are to be on your mind as you enter church. What greets you at the door? What is your attention drawn toward?


Jesus isn’t the first thing on my mind when I view the above at the door of the church for Sunday worship.


I like Star Wars, but should my church be drawing my attention to Stormtroopers before an official church worship service?


This literally does church inside out. Is our “product” so lame that we think gimmicks are needed to make it appealing? Is the problem that we view the gospel as a product that needs gimmicks?

If you attend a church like this, or are involved in leadership making use of these gimmicks, please repent of this nonsense. Our message is the power of God unto salvation. God works through word and sacrament, he doesn’t need manmade religious gimmicks, which are actually neo-traditions of men if you think about it. If you’re looking for something that is actually dry, cold, manmade tradition, then movie theme gimmicks are it. Go back to focussing on the gospel, that is God’s message and God’s power.


Hillsong Hijacking Your Church? Warning Signs – Real Life Story – Must Share


HILLSONGHIJACK.pngCovertly Hillsong Church may be trying to hijack your church behind your back. Church Watch Central just wrote a very important and compelling blog entry about how Hillsong Church worked covertly behind the scenes to hijack a church and bring it into the Hillsong system. This could happen to your church. Please read and share this vital information. They provide a real life example and warning signs that your church may too be under a Hillsong hijack attempt. Link

Rambo Wipes Out Itinerant Minister


Robert Hotchkin describes himself as an itinerant minister for XP Ministries on his Facebook page. He recently posted about an encounter he had with Rambo and his neck scarf.


This is Evangelist Rambabu, also known as Rambo.


This is just another carnival act to put on a show. Many are familiar with Benny Hinn’s coat antics.


You’re observing what happens when people get bored with the simple preaching of the word.

Literal Hell on Wheels – Your Vehicle May Be a Demon Says “Prophetess” Rosalind


Your motorcycle may be a literal Hell’s Angel says “Prophetess” Rosalind Solomon. According to her your Lexus could be Legion, your Beamer could be Belial, and well, you get the idea.


You are more than free to watch her almost hour long explanation here. Like me, you probably don’t want to do that, so just for you, I’ve chopped it down into two easily digestible parts. Well maybe, not that easily digestible.

In the first video you will hear a lot of nonsense. The gist?

1. Your vehicle or motorcycle may be a demon made by Satan of a dead human.
2. Satan can even put demons in jewelry, makeup, creams, hair dye, weave hair, turkey tails, and canned goods at the 99 cent store.

Have you lost your sense of lucid equilibrium yet? I had to listen about five times just to understand her flow of thought.

As far as vehicles go, demons are limited to luxury mostly. Bernie Sanders should love this because it punishes the 1%.


Let’s go to exhibit two. Can you handle the “truth”?

The gist? There are humanoid demons that can block the heart from receiving the gospel, so you must take measures to remove it.

Prophetess Rosalind appears to have an audience. If you take time to listen to her entire video, she mentions people who send her money for books, and she even holds conferences that people attend. You can visit her website and Youtube channel.

Why point out the over the top vain imaginations of an obscure false prophetess? Because she’s an example of the ongoing need to warn people. People are sadly so easily deceived. She doesn’t have the gravitas or funding of the popular false prophets, yet she has followers.

If she can so easily deceive when she lacks gravitas, imagine what someone with major money and talent behind their false ministry can do.

There is no difference between her vain imaginations and the vain imaginations coming from the popular mega-false ministries. Both are founded in the unreality of their own imaginations, and not in scripture.


Furtick Offers Backstage Peek Before Sunday Worship Experience – Do his words betray him?


Sometimes our words may betray us, and show how we may perceive things.

Steven Furtick did a “backstage” social media video before his Sunday “worship experience”. Those are words used by Furtick.

Do the words “backstage” and “worship experience” betray how Steven Furtick really perceives things?

Backstage is usually associated with celebrity things, not church things. Devoted fans can get exclusive backstage access to their favorite singer, band, comedian, actor or actress.


His words indicate he views church as a stage. From that stage he’s offering an experience.


From the stage Furtick becomes the experience maker. After all, that’s what stages are for. The audience is offered many types of experiences. The person offering the experience becomes the focus.

Using God as a means to make things about self is part of a concerning ongoing narrative surrounding Steven Furtick.


Notice the description under the title above. God is used as a means of making oneself important. God can use you to do a big thing. Who doesn’t want to do a big thing?

No one wants to live a mundane life changing baby diapers, going to work, taking out the trash. That’s just so boring and insignificant. With God you can take that insignificant drudgery away, and feel important by doing big things.

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio has covered the narcissistic tendencies of Steven Furtick.

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Matthew 16

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Genesis 22

Furtick Narcigetes Jesus’ Temptations in the Wilderness

As you can see, there is an ongoing issue of Steven Furtick using God as a means to focus on self. Offering backstage peeks before his worship experiences may be congruent with the ongoing narrative.

Again, the emphasis should be Jesus. Jesus is not a means to elevate self so we can feel important. Church is not a stage where the fans watch the celebrity offer them experiences.



Papa Don’t Push! – Apostle Axel’s Ape-tastic Push Anointing


“Apostle” Axel Sippach is aping Hollywood by delivering The Push Anointing to the body of Christ. Do not keep this unbiblical delivery. Our Father in heaven has not placed a Push Anointing anywhere in his word.


You may not find this “anointing” in God’s word, but you will find in Hollywood, which makes Apostle Axel’s vain imagination creation 100% ape-tastic!


He’s aping the 2009 movie Push. This is what happens when you mix the vain imaginations of a false apostle with seeker sensitive attempts to be relevant. You end up with 0% bible, and 100% vain imagination.

Notice how he turns the power of the Holy Spirit into an impersonal force we can tap into.

There is a‪#‎power‬ at work within us that most of us have not even tapped into 10% of yet.


Last I knew the Holy Spirit was more than an impersonal power we could tap into like a tree for maple syrup.

Don’t let this false apostle turn the Holy Spirit into an impersonal force you can tap into. His teaching is founded in his vain imaginations and not in scripture. Simply put, our Father in heaven has not created a Push Anointing. Do not keep this unbiblical delivery, it’s not from our Father.


Prophetic Oopsies – Real Prophets Can Say Sorry Says “Prophetess” Vonda Brewer


“Prophetess” Vonda Brewer says real prophets can just say sorry and eat crow if they have a prophetic oopsie.


Here is a bit about her if you’re unfamiliar with Vonda.

“Prophetess” Vonda Brewer is on record saying God told her that Jeb Bush would win  the Republican nomination for president in 2016. She claimed Trump would be trashed by the Republicans, and replaced with Jeb. As most of us know, Trump won the nomination, survived the convention, and he is now the official Republican nominee for president in 2016.


Vonda has decided to double down on her bet by saying the Republicans will dump Trump on September 10th, 2016 and put Jeb and George P. Bush on the ballot. Pay attention to two things in the video below. Around 1:57 while giving the date, she starts scratching her neck. Some body language experts believe that can be an indicator someone is lying.

Around 2:30 she says that if she has to come back and eat crow and say sorry she’ll do it.

The thing is, scripture doesn’t leave any room for real prophets to have prophetic oopsies. There is no room to simply say sorry, eat crow, and continue on being a real prophet.

20 But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or[f] who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.’ 21 And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— 22 when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him. Deut. 18 (ESV)

Vonda has reasons to be thankful. First, we’re not under the old covenant, so she can’t be put to death for her prophetic oopsies.


Also, she’s not living under a government controlled by hardcore Westminster Confession of Faith devotees. Under that scenario she could have a civil magistrate knocking on her door so she could be fitted for their favorite prophetic oopsie execution device.


There is still time for Vonda and people like her to call upon God to grant them repentance.