Saints on Sofas – How Church Should Be Says Christ Fellowship Church


Forget the five solas, we need saints on sofas. Lots and lots of sofas. Christ Fellowship Church says saints on sofas is “how church should be”.

He clearly said it in jest. There is no distance between what’s said in jest and what is actually happening at Christ Fellowship Church.

How have we gone from the five solas to saints on sofas within 500 years? Luther fought against spiritual whoredom from the papacy, and now a new type of spiritual whoredom has replaced it.

Under both scenarios those in power feed the saints poison from Satan that only serves to distract saints from the pure gospel.

We stand upon the shoulders of brave men, but if we looked down, surely we would see them looking up and weeping.


Becoming all things to all people to win some by all means (1 Cor. 9:19-23) has been grossly distorted by church growth “experts”, and seeker sensitive superstars. Putting saints on sofas, serving popcorn, and showing movies is far beyond the that scope. Read The Gospel in the Background Does Seeker-Oriented Evangelism Make the Most of Every Opportunity? by Todd Wilken for further explanation.

Chuck Pierce’s Sounds and Movements -Prophecy or Digesting Bad Mexican Food?


It’s hard deciding if Chuck Pierce is giving a new prophecy, or if he’s describing the end result of eating bad Mexican food. The incoherence of Pierce along with the repeated use of the words movement (Counted at least five times.) and sound (I counted at least five times.) are like seasoning that bring out the hilarity of a few word combinations.

When the words movement and sound are repeated often in a brief space, it can only cause you to think about certain things, and then those certain things cause certain word combinations to give you the giggles.

These are literal word combinations from a recent “prophecy” Chuck Pierce posted to Facebook. I’ll also provide brief commentary.


“Don’t be afraid of vibrations that may be unfamiliar to you.”

Oh yes, bad Mexican food does indeed cause unfamiliar vibrations leading you to be afraid. But why would you be afraid?

“portals of sound to open. You will hear!”

You’d be afraid because not only are you feeling unfamiliar vibrations deep down, a certain sound is probably about to come out of a certain portal.

“welcome a new rhythm into your breathing”

As those unfamiliar vibrations are felt so deep within, and as sounds are coming from a certain portal, yes, your breathing will have an interesting new rhythm.

“hindered even the breath you breathe”

Of course, as certain sounds are coming forth from the portal, well, certain scents may follow. And well, your breathing will be hindered.

“Take a breath and let this movement go deep down inside of you.”

If you panic too much, really, really bad things could happen. So just pause, let things adjust, let that movement settle down deep within.

“Declare that distress will break out of your breathing dynamics.”

At this point Chuck is just being sadistic. This is clearly a false prophecy. Don’t let any distress break out just yet.

“This movement of My Spirit will also create a new vibration in your knees and joints”

Listen, if you have had bad Mexican food, your body will feel vibrations all over, and your knees and joints will surely cause you to run to a certain location.

“your body will align in a new way”

Yes your body may strike new and various alignments as you hope to make it to a certain room before that “movement” “deep down inside you” goes terribly, terribly wrong. But once you reach that location, align with what you need to align with, and let that deep movement go.

So yes, I’m pretty sure Chuck Pierce is writing about the what happens after eating really bad Mexican food.

In all serious we don’t need a new movement. We need the same gospel we’ve had for 2000 years.

Chucks’s full “prophecy” below.

Day 32: A New Rhythm! A New Sound! A New Movement!

“You need to become aware of a new rhythm in the Spirit realm. If you are not sensitive to this rhythm of My Spirit you will step outside the boundaries that I have established for you. At that point, you will move to a sound that is not for this season. I will have a people that are moving by My rhythm and by My sounds. This will create the new movement in the earth. Don’t be afraid of vibrations that may be unfamiliar to you. If you are willing embrace the new sound that I am sending then I will awaken you in a new way. My people must be those who move by the sound of My Spirit. Do not conform to the movement of the world, or the rhythms of an old mindset. My grace is being released for portals of sound to open. You will hear!

“In this time of My Spirit moving in a new way, welcome a new rhythm into your breathing. Many pressures of this world have created panic and hindered even the breath you breathe. Now is the time to welcome the breath of My Spirit into your lungs. Take a breath and let this movement go deep down inside of you. Declare that distress will break out of your breathing dynamics. This movement of My Spirit will also create a new vibration in your knees and joints. As you embrace the vibration of My Spirit, your body will align in a new way. Move with My rhythm and watch Me set you on your path of restoration!”


Steven Furtick Celebrates Being Named to List with New Age Guru and False Teachers


What does Steven Furtick have in common with new age guru Deepak Chopra, same-sex marriage affirming and eternal hell denying Rob Bell? Why is he celebrating with people like them? What is he celebrating with them?

Elevation Church announced that Steven Furtick made the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul 100 influencers list. He’s praised for inspiring others to live out an authentic life.


Who is celebrating along with him?

New age guru Deepak Chopra.


Same-sex marriage affirming, eternal punishment denier Rob Bell.


The man who won’t clearly say he adheres to the Trinity, T.D. Jakes.


There are more on the list, and you can check them out here

Why is a Christian pastor celebrating being placed on a list along with these people? Why is he accepting praise for inspiring people to live an authentic life?

A Christian pastor should seek to create as much distance as is possible from new age gurus and false teachers. Instead Steven Furtick hugs it like a security blanket.


Listen, if your pastor is not trying to create distance between himself and a new age guru, you really need to pray for your pastor to repent, and you should find a biblical way to address it.

Healed in Glasses? Pearsons’ Depraved Doctrine of Jesus Suffering in Hell


Pastor George Pearsons said of Jesus, “He went into the deepest darkest part of hell to suffer everything for you. Every. . .every part of the curse, spiritual death, sickness and disease, poverty and lack. He suffered it all.”

While wearing glasses, he’s telling people they can be healed now because of what Jesus suffered in hell. The contradiction between his lack of healing and his doctrine speaks for itself. There is cause for further concern.

He said Jesus suffered in hell. This is a popular word of faith false teaching. A false teaching many word of faith advocates claim had been disowned long ago. Yet here we are in 2016, and Kenneth Copleand is broadcasting it around the world.

Amy Spreeman posted a great article in the Berean Examiner explaining this false teaching. Another helpful article.

Anything Jesus accomplished for us was done on the cross, not in hell. What Jesus did for us on the cross is cheapened and pushed aside when one teaches he suffered at the hands of the Devil in hell.

Remember he even said Jesus suffered for our poverty and lack. Pause for a few seconds. Take in the full meaning of that. Jesus died so we could have enough cash? He was scarred and bled so we could have a full bank account? Scripture says such teaching comes from a depraved mind that has been deprived of the truth (1 Timothy 6:3-10).


Another person wearing glasses tells us healing is available for all now. She tells us we have two choices. We either believe it or we don’t. While wearing glasses she tells us she believed and got her healing.

If you believe this nonsense like I once did, I pray that God opens your eyes to the truth. You’re following people described in scripture as having a depraved mind. Maybe you’re someone who teaches these worldly and demonic doctrines. Pray that God grants you repentance. We have a savior who forgives sin and cleanses of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

The entire false teaching below.

Hands Up for the British Invasion at North Point Community Church


Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church attempted a reboot of the British Invasion during their official worship service on Sunday.


They described it as a Beatles medley on their Facebook page.


They sang segments from Beatles classics, ending with Hey Jude. They called upon their audience to sing along and raise their hands to the Beatles tune as they sang, “na na na na na…”.


You can watch the entire video here. NPCC disabled some sharing options.

Yet another distraction at an official worship service. Further commentary is not necessary.


Recently they did an opener with rather suggestive lyrics singing, “Baby love the way you turn me on.”

Some more suggestive lyrics from an opener. Segments from the original lyrics. They did some adjusting, but not enough.

Nowhere to hide when I’m getting you close
When we move, well, you already know

Feeling good, good, creeping up on you
So just dance, dance, dance, come on
All those things I should do to you

(I can’t stop the feeling)
Wanna see you move your body
(I can’t stop the feeling)

Oddly enough, Andy Stanley has this quote on the NPCC website.


Why write about this? Because Andy Stanley and many other churches use these tactics which in the end detract from focusing on the gospel at an official church worship service.

Official church worship services are not extra curricular activities. There is plenty of time for fun, recreation, and out of the box creativity that can be done outside of an official church worship service.

I used to agree with, and promote these approaches to “ministry”. It took a “rude meanie head” to open my eyes. I hope this serves as eye opening food for thought.

Brian Houston’s Magic Act – He Makes Prosperity Gospel Disappear then Reappear


Watch the amazing rhetorical magic act from Brian Houston of Hillsong Church. He makes the prosperity gospel disappear, then he makes it reappear again. Can you catch his rhetorical sleight of hand?

He tries denying the existence of the prosperity gospel by saying there is only one gospel. That’s how he makes it disappear. Brian Houston is correct, there is only one true gospel.

Give him credit for his rhetorical sleight of hand. He appears to make the prosperity gospel disappear like a rabbit in a hat, but as he talks further, you notice he pulls the rabbit back out of the hat as he redefines the gospel by applying prosperity attributes to it.

The redefining begins by saying the true gospel includes help for the journey. But what is that help for the journey? He says it is God’s blessing across your life, your children, your family, your marriage, your work, your business.


This gives the impression that once one trusts in the gospel, part of the gospel is that God is bound to prosper and bless your work and business. God may bless your work and business, but that is not a guaranteed result of trusting in the gospel.

Paul trusted the gospel, but he once said he was hungry, thirsty, poorly dressed, and homeless.

 To the present hour we hunger and thirst, we are poorly dressed and buffeted and homeless 1 Corinthians 4:11 (ESV)

That is not the blessing across all of life Brian Houston is speaking of, and he knows it.

Scripture speaks against teachers who say godliness is a means of financial gain. They’re described as having a depraved mind that is robbed of the truth.

If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound[b] words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions, and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain.1 Timothy 6:3-5

Saying that part of the gospel is that God will bless your business, turns godliness into a means of financial gain. We shouldn’t be surprised by Houston’s current teaching. He did once write this book.


With Brian Houston it’s the same prosperity gospel act, just a different day.

Full message below.