Furtick Offers Backstage Peek Before Sunday Worship Experience – Do his words betray him?


Sometimes our words may betray us, and show how we may perceive things.

Steven Furtick did a “backstage” social media video before his Sunday “worship experience”. Those are words used by Furtick.

Do the words “backstage” and “worship experience” betray how Steven Furtick really perceives things?

Backstage is usually associated with celebrity things, not church things. Devoted fans can get exclusive backstage access to their favorite singer, band, comedian, actor or actress.


His words indicate he views church as a stage. From that stage he’s offering an experience.


From the stage Furtick becomes the experience maker. After all, that’s what stages are for. The audience is offered many types of experiences. The person offering the experience becomes the focus.

Using God as a means to make things about self is part of a concerning ongoing narrative surrounding Steven Furtick.


Notice the description under the title above. God is used as a means of making oneself important. God can use you to do a big thing. Who doesn’t want to do a big thing?

No one wants to live a mundane life changing baby diapers, going to work, taking out the trash. That’s just so boring and insignificant. With God you can take that insignificant drudgery away, and feel important by doing big things.

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio has covered the narcissistic tendencies of Steven Furtick.

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Matthew 16

Steven Furtick Narcigetes Genesis 22

Furtick Narcigetes Jesus’ Temptations in the Wilderness

As you can see, there is an ongoing issue of Steven Furtick using God as a means to focus on self. Offering backstage peeks before his worship experiences may be congruent with the ongoing narrative.

Again, the emphasis should be Jesus. Jesus is not a means to elevate self so we can feel important. Church is not a stage where the fans watch the celebrity offer them experiences.



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