When Will Todd White Preach to His Mentor Ken Copeland About Suffering for the Gospel? He Won’t Fly Coach for Jesus

The Fringe: Episode 1 Rich Vera’s Failed Benny Hinn Tribute Show – LeClaire’s Apostolic Red Rover – Jim Bakker’s False Prophecy and More

This is episode .1 of The Fringe. Watch Rich Vera’s failed Benny Hinn tribute show, Jennifer LeClaire plays apostolic red rover, Jim Bakker’s failed Olympics North Korea attack prophecy, Bethel student gives false prophecy with Kris Vallotton’s approval, and money grubbing false prophet Hakeem Collins.

Apostle Jeff Jansen Teaches the Kenotic Christ Heresy

I’ve been skeptical of labeling people as adherents to this heresy, because often it seems like a very fine hair split. There is no hair split here.  Apostle/Prophet Jeff Jansen blatantly teaches the Kenotic Christ heresy in a Facebook post.

Question: If Jesus was just a man, why was He able to access the supernatural and perform the bizarre wonders that He did? Answer: Because He fashioned for Himself a lifestyle of true communion, contemplative prayer and time set aside to commune with the Father. He lived in a New Age—a Kingdom Age. I prophecy to you today that there is a fresh new anointing of revelation and power coming from the Presence of the Lord that will shift you into your hearts desire. This is the season that you have been believing for and now is the time for you to be catapulted into new realms of the Spirit where doors of revelation and opportunity will find you as a result of your renewed Union with Christ … be prepared for new advancement and new realms of Glory – Prophet Jeff Jansen


Anointed Breakthrough Leg Lifts – Work for Your Breakthrough by Sending Money to Apostle Jennifer LeClaire


Apostle Jennifer LeClaire has decided (with the help of her “good” lord . . . not the LORD of scripture) that breakthrough is going to come in the next seven days. She’s resorted to telling people they must fight for their breakthrough by sending her money

Money must really be getting tight since she quit Charisma magazine. Maybe the property taxes on her ocean front condo have increased too?

She’s also started doing some type of anointed breakthrough leg lift. Maybe that ignites the action of her not so good lord?


Of course she did say you’d have to work for that breakthrough.

Or maybe a game of red rover red rover let money grubbing false apostle come over?


Original give me money for a breakthrough video here.

Original left lift video here.