The Fringe: Episode 2 – Put Oil on Your Boots for Success – God’s New Rumba Dance Step – LeClaire’s Breakthrough Block Party

Put Oil on Your Boots for Success – Sid Roth Show
Jennifer Leclaire’s Breakthrough Block Party
God Will Do a New Dance Step Called the Rumba – Jerame Nelson

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Oil on the Boot

LeClaire’s Breakthrough Party

Revival Rumba


The Fringe: Episode 1 Rich Vera’s Failed Benny Hinn Tribute Show – LeClaire’s Apostolic Red Rover – Jim Bakker’s False Prophecy and More

This is episode .1 of The Fringe. Watch Rich Vera’s failed Benny Hinn tribute show, Jennifer LeClaire plays apostolic red rover, Jim Bakker’s failed Olympics North Korea attack prophecy, Bethel student gives false prophecy with Kris Vallotton’s approval, and money grubbing false prophet Hakeem Collins.