NAR Leader Uses the Term NAR: Says NAR Will Converge with Evangelical Churches (i.e. NAR Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory)

narlead04182018aApostle Joseph Mattera leader of US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders just used the term NAR in an article he wrote. Not only did he use the term, he also said NAR is going to converge with evangelical bible confessing denominations, and apostles will replace pastors as leaders.

I believe that the present embrace of the five-fold ministry of the evangelical pastors in the USA is going to bring a convergence between the charismatic, independent apostolic networks, evangelical networks, and ultimately even evangelical bible confessing denominations.

Why is this important? First, because many people (Me included to some extent.) have viewed the term NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) as a catchall buzz word used by cat food eating conspiracy theorists who run discernment ministries. Some say the word is used by conspiracy theorists to describe an ominous attempt by the fringe of the charismatic movement to takeover the churches.

People like Dr. Michael Brown have attempted to minimize the term, calling it the so called NAR. The term NAR is clearly not a term conjured up in the imaginations of discernment ministry conspiracy theorists. It’s a term used by leaders high up on the food chain of the modern day apostle restoration movement.

This is also important because it proves that the leaders of NAR want to converge and infiltrate every church, and bring them under the influence of restored modern day apostles. I repeat, this is not a conspiracy theory.

In his article, NAR leader Joseph Mattera says pastors will be usurped by apostles.

 The implications of this will be extraordinary!

1. The church will go from being pastorally led to apostolically led and prophetically inspired.

The NAR wants your church, and they want to usurp your pastor.

Below should fall under fair use. Just documenting in case he decides to edit.



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