Prophet Paul Cain: A few important details


*Prophet Paul Cain has admitted to past homosexual sin, and drunkenness. Yet on his bio on his website, he laments moral failures in the healing-revival movement of the past. His website doesn’t include his own major moral failures. He presents himself to the readers of his website as a humble, lowly, anointed man of God who is now serving as a spiritual father.
“”For the next few years, Paul watched in agony as many of the leaders of the healing-revival movement suffered moral failures involving money, sex, and power, and lost their ministries or seemed to die prematurely, or in infamy. ”

*Prophet Paul Cain served with William Branham.

*Cain says he was part of the Latter Rain and charismatic movements.

*Cain believes there is a new breed of last day revivalists coming.

*Cain speaks of Joel’s army.

Link to Paul Cain’s bio.

Link to story of Paul Cain’s moral failures.

Link to recent videos of Paul Cain working with Lou Engle and others.

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