Lance Wallnau Finger Shoots Hurricane Irma Commanding it to Wobble and Peesh


Lance Wallnau brought out his inward 6-year-old and decided to finger shoot Hurricane Irma, complete with sound effects. I have no idea if he asked someone to tie a cape around him.

Some people have this crazy idea that we can command storms to cease because Jesus commanded storms to cease. Jesus is God. We are not God. People who are not God cannot command storms to cease.


Most of us have a hard enough time putting the old Adam to death through the Holy Spirit. Do we really think we can blast large hurricanes away by simply finger shooting them?


Please ask God to grant you repentance if you believe in this messed up interpretation of scripture. Jesus is God, you are not God. Pray for the conversion of these false teachers, and that people would see this as total nonsense.

(You can view the full video from Wallnau here.)

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