Miracle Money Prophet Warns of Scammers on Facebook – Otis Bushiri


Prophet Otis Bushiri offers to command miracle money, will give you money if you merge with his company, and he’s kind enough to warn his Facebook followers of Facebook scams. This is not satire.


Prophet Otis Bushiri recently told his followers to “PROTECT YOUR MONEY” in a Facebook post. Someone is messaging them on Facebook, prophesying and offering money if they give some seed money. What you’re about to read below is not satire.


Oddly enough, Mr. Bushiri has propositioned his own followers on Facebook with a business deal. He’ll fund you as long as you merge with his company.


Mr. Bushiri, the man kind enough to warn of scams, and generous enough to give you money if you merge with his company, has amazing powers to command “miracle money”.



He can even get a cell phone to give miracle money. Is that an app? Hmm.


Also, just by typing “my dream life” he can command that the demands of your heart be met in the name of Jesus.



He can command miracle money, make money come from a cell phone, make your dreams come true by simply typing “my dream life” on Facebook. He’s offering you money if you simply merge with his company. He’s also kind enough to warn you of scammers on Facebook.

This is not satire.


Posin’ by The Green – Big Miracle Money – T.B. Joshua Ministries

Picture it, Saturday Night Live writers sitting around a table, pondering the script and scene for a sketch on a money grubbing preacher. How would you expect them to portray their exaggerated caricature of the worst money grubbing preacher? Maybe posing by huge stacks of money as he promises “BIG miracle money”?

This is not satire. T.B. Joshua Ministries has a man posing by large stacks of money as BIG miracle money is promised. I repeat, this is not satire.


Video: Cell Phones Commanded to Receive Good News by Prophet Benard

Prophet Anointed Benard Siame  commanded cell phones placed in front of him to receive good news in the name of Jesus. “I command these phones to receive good news before the end of this week.” This is not satire.  Video below.