NAR Leader Uses the Term NAR: Says NAR Will Converge with Evangelical Churches (i.e. NAR Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory)

narlead04182018aApostle Joseph Mattera leader of US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders just used the term NAR in an article he wrote. Not only did he use the term, he also said NAR is going to converge with evangelical bible confessing denominations, and apostles will replace pastors as leaders.

I believe that the present embrace of the five-fold ministry of the evangelical pastors in the USA is going to bring a convergence between the charismatic, independent apostolic networks, evangelical networks, and ultimately even evangelical bible confessing denominations.

Why is this important? First, because many people (Me included to some extent.) have viewed the term NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) as a catchall buzz word used by cat food eating conspiracy theorists who run discernment ministries. Some say the word is used by conspiracy theorists to describe an ominous attempt by the fringe of the charismatic movement to takeover the churches.

People like Dr. Michael Brown have attempted to minimize the term, calling it the so called NAR. The term NAR is clearly not a term conjured up in the imaginations of discernment ministry conspiracy theorists. It’s a term used by leaders high up on the food chain of the modern day apostle restoration movement.

This is also important because it proves that the leaders of NAR want to converge and infiltrate every church, and bring them under the influence of restored modern day apostles. I repeat, this is not a conspiracy theory.

In his article, NAR leader Joseph Mattera says pastors will be usurped by apostles.

 The implications of this will be extraordinary!

1. The church will go from being pastorally led to apostolically led and prophetically inspired.

The NAR wants your church, and they want to usurp your pastor.

Below should fall under fair use. Just documenting in case he decides to edit.



Francis Chan Open to Strange Manifestations? “Even If I look stupid” “Try to look like I’m in control”


Francis Chan had a potentially concerning prayer about the Holy Spirit at Awaken the Dawn, that had people in attendance like Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, and Todd White. He asked to be lead by the Spirit, to hear the Spirit, and be filled with the fullness of God. In the prayer he said he didn’t want to be concerned about looking stupid and about not being in control.

A prayer like this is concerning because of the company he’s been keeping with the likes of IHOP, Mike Bickle, and Lou Engle. It could indicate he’s open to their unbiblical demonic manifestations. Are we seeing further movement of Chan into accepting the fringe practices of Charismania?

Chan also gave a prayer where it looks like he might be saying we shouldn’t divide from heretics like Engle.


The church needs to keep their eyes on this situation. Chan still holds a lot of credibility with many.

Pay the Price for a Ministry and Anointing Says Jennifer LeClaire

Apostle Jennifer LeClaire shared a link to  an old article about being willing to pay a price for the anointing so you can have a ministry.


On March 14, 2018, just a few days ago, I actually wrote a satire entry about this very thing titled How to Get God to Do Tricks for You so You Can Be a False Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher (SATIRE)

The gist of the idea is that for these types of people, ministry is mostly about you. It’s about your ability to have a ministry and influence. These twisted man-centered people need God to show up and do tricks so that people keep showing up, so that their ministry can exist. Here is an excerpt from LeClaire’s article.

I had hit a wall. My ministry—and influence—was growing by leaps and bounds. I was breaking through and into new territory left and right. I was seeing increase on all sides. But something was wrong. I was at a breaking point. One of the issues was that my ministry had outgrown its intercessory prayer covering, but there was more.

Notice how it’s all about the furtherance of HER ministry. It’s all about influence, and gaining new territory.

Notice below how LeClaire talks about God wanting to amplify her voice.

See, there was a higher price to pay to go where God was taking me next. This time, it wasn’t about what the enemy was stealing or what I was losing. It was about what God wanted to give me. It was about the spiritual gifts He expected me to steward, how He wanted to amplify my voice in the next season, the new assignments He had in mind—and what I’d have to give up to go there.
Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

The fact that a price has to be paid by the person to do certain stuff, indicates how this is essentially man-centered. In scripture God gave out his gifts and callings for free. Why? Because God was fulfilling his plan. Why do people like LeClaire talk about having to pay a price? Because they want a ministry for themselves, and they need God to do tricks for them, so people will show up and validate their ministry.

Maybe you want to do ministry for God. That’s a noble desire. Please make sure you’re really doing it for God. And when I say make sure it’s about God, I mean don’t use “it’s all about God” as a white-wash front for really making it all about you.

God gives out his gifts freely. You don’t have to pay a price for them. When you find yourself wondering about what price you have to pay in order to have a ministry, please pause, evaluate, and recognize that you’re coming from a flawed starting point. Don’t make the same error as Simon in Acts, where he wanted a way to earn God’s power so he could do all of the tricks.

Dr. Michael Brown’s Citizenship in Sid Roth-Iscam – Using Direct Revelation to Scam and Move Product


New improved video proof. Dr. Michael Brown is a full citizen of Sid Roth-Iscam, because he used a claim of direct revelation from God to scam and sell his product on Roth’s show, just like all of the other scammers on Roth’s show.

Links to original videos.

Dr. Michael Brown on Sid Roth

The prophetic twins

The super prayer

Video Proof Dr. Michael Brown Still Does Dumb and Dangerous Charismaniac Stuff – He Hasn’t Renounced It

I compiled a  video recently of Dr. Michael Brown from his Brownsville revival days showing him doing some weird and dangerous charismaniac things. That video has been picked up by more well known blogs, podcasts, discernment ministries, and you get the idea. Some have given Dr. Brown the benefit of the doubt and think he may have renounced things he did over 20 years ago. Sadly he hasn’t. Below is video proof.

Dr. Michael Brown groaning, moaning, and slaying people in the spirit. Link

Dr. Michael Brown affirming and promoting Heidi Baker’s story of God disabling her for seven days so she couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own. Link

Dr. Michael Brown affirming the idea that God causes people to convulse, stagger, go into holy laughter. Link

Dr. Michael Brown making outrageous claims on his friend of 30+ years Sid Roth’s show. Link

Dr. Michael Brown affirming and promoting Jonathan Cahn’s weird cryptic hermeneutic. Link

Proof Benny Hinn Is a False Prophet so Quit Listening to Him


Fidel Castro will die in the 90s is a failed prophecy Benny Hinn once made. Fidel Castro died in 2016

That’s enough proof he’s a false prophet and shouldn’t be listened too. Once someone claims direct revelation from God, and they’re proven false, they should be listened to no longer. Don’t buy into the new prophecy from Hinn that Billy Graham’s death is a sign that revival is about to come. Why? Because he’s a false prophet.

Prophet Passion Java Meets Benny Hinn

I’m posting this mostly for record keeping purposes. Prophet Passion Java from Africa has been on tour in the U.S. and he just met Benny Hinn. He’s one of the first false prophets from Africa I’ve observed making waves in my country. He’s very flashy, smooth talking, and loaded with money. He may come across as too slick even for Americans to buy into his nonsense.