Pray in Tongues While Sleeping to Manipulate God’s Glory into Coming upon You Implies Sid Roth


Sid Roth has another charismaniac spiritual parlor trick to manipulate God into doing something. He implies that if you pray in tongues while sleeping it will manipulate God’s glory into coming upon you. He doesn’t say it that way directly, but that’s the implication of what he’s saying. Where in scripture does it say we can pray in tongues while sleeping?

Sid Roth, and people like him live in a spiritual universe where God is a spiritual force that can be manipulated by finding and following a correct set of spiritual principles. One of their main objectives is to find new techniques that trigger and activate God into doing weird things.

The God of scripture is sovereign, and he can’t be activated by finding the latest principle in the charismaniac grab bag of parlor tricks.

Original Facebook video here.

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