Browbeating Cancer Patients: You Have Cancer Because You’ve Made It Your Buddy Says Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer gave cancer patients a good scolding and browbeating. She said people have cancer because they’ve made it their buddy. Meyer says if cancer patients spoke the right words over themselves they wouldn’t have cancer.


Cancer patients who trust Jesus are suffering enough, they don’t need to be scolded and browbeaten. They don’t even come close to being those who doubt God, because after all, they’re trusting Jesus in extreme suffering. False teachers like Joyce Meyer do more to hurt the sheep than help them.

Original clip here.

6 thoughts on “Browbeating Cancer Patients: You Have Cancer Because You’ve Made It Your Buddy Says Joyce Meyer”

  1. Ugh, my God, please shut her mouth, and bring her to her right mind, with full repentance dear Lord, please help the babes in Christ who are newly saved and seeking you, help them with the discernment they need to beware of her and so many others who are just as Jesus warned us about, “wolves in sheep’s clothing” looking to devour the Lord’s sheep, I pray this with my whole heart. I was one of those babes newly saved and seeking after the Lord, and followed her for many years, and spent alot of money that I truly didn’t have, because I didn’t know any better. I pray this for all babes in Christ Jesus, in your glorious name, Amein

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    1. Madeline, I hear something else out of this, Cancer may be what you have but it is not WHO you are, don’t make it your friend, don’t make it your buddy by accepting and giving in.


  2. Joyce you are wrong,in reading your books I never thought it was you,our son almost 4 yrs old had cancer brain tumor,that certainly wasn’t a buddy,he didn’t bring it on himself

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  3. I guess I don’t get the same thing out of this as a lot of people. I am hearing her say that cancer is not WHO you are, it is just something that you have, fight it, pray about it………help change it if you can.


    1. “You can at least say this diabetes that I’ve got is on it’s way out because it’s not God’s best for me.”

      “Your words affect your body.”
      “Our thoughts and our words do effect it.”

      The whole premise of her theology is that we have what we have because of the thoughts and the words we use. If we just say that X-disease is on it’s way out, then it will be on it’s way out.
      If we just say that our cancer is gone, it will be gone.

      So if you’re a stage four cancer victim, you sit there thinking, well it didn’t leave my body because I didn’t say it’s on its way out. Oh I must have made it my buddy.

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