Dr. Michael Brown is a Council Member of NAR USCAL Organization

Dr. Michael Brown is a national council member of the NAR organization US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

It’s explained below. Each claim is linked to the source. If you copy and paste this somewhere, please make sure links to the evidence are included.

Apostle Joseph Mattera is the lead convener of US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.
Apostle Joseph Mattera the leader of USCAL has written content using the term NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) and he associates himself as being part of NAR. In the article he calls for:

*The necessity of restoring apostolic ministry.
*The converging of apostles with evangelical bible believing denominations.
*Replacing pastoral leadership with apostolic leadership.

“we will explore the necessity of restoring apostolic ministry today”

“I believe that the present embrace of the five-fold ministry of the evangelical pastors in the USA is going to bring a convergence between the charismatic, independent apostolic networks, evangelical networks, and ultimately even evangelical bible confessing denominations.”

“The church will go from being pastorally led to apostolically led and prophetically inspired.”

On the official USCAL site Apostle Joseph Mattera has called for the ushering in of a new apostolic reformation. That means the organization itself uses the term, and is calling for the ushering in of a new apostolic reformation.

3. Recognizing the apostolic can also help usher in a new apostolic reformation

Some proponents of the apostolic say it is evident the old way of doing things through hierarchical denominationalism is dead or dying (with the exception of Pentecostal denominations, like the Assemblies of God, most denominations are on the decline).

Dr. Michael Brown  is listed as a council member of USCAL for 2017

USCAL National Council Membership List 2017

That means  Dr. Michael Brown willingly promotes and belongs to a NAR organization lead by someone who is calling for ushering in a new apostolic reformation, the restoration of apostles, converging of evangelical churches with restored apostles, and replacing of pastoral leadership with the restored apostles.


If the organization is a coalition of apostolic leaders, can it be said that members are claiming to be apostolic leaders, also known as apostles? Why name an organization that, if its members are not apostolic leaders? Does this mean Michael Brown from North Carolina is claiming to be an apostle? If not, then why has he joined that organization?

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