Unite Around Apostleships: Kris Vallotton’s Direct Revelation from God – Minimize Doctrine Maximize People and Manifestations


Kris Vallotton said God told him the church is going to rally around apostleships.  Vallotton’s apostleship revelation attempts to achieve unity by minimizing the importance of rallying around truth, and recognizing areas of disagreement, that might actually call for biblical division. Instead his apostleship revelation says to put the emphasis on uniting around people (Fathers, mothers, sons, and family.).

Another concerning thing in Vallotton’s supposed revelation from God is that God is supposedly going to give revelation that’s been hidden for eons and ages. What’s the implication? Well if it’s hidden, then that means it’s not revealed in scripture. If it’s not revealed in scripture, then he’s calling the universal church to trust in extra-biblical revelation.

You may find it interesting that he recognized the existence of apostolic networks.

Let’s put this in a larger context. Vallotton says God told him we’re going to be rallying around people, as we minimize areas of disagreement, and minimize rallying around what is agreed upon.



Remember that time Kris Vallotton met with Pope Francis?

I was invited, along with several other pastors, to a small connect forum with Pope Francis because he has a deep passion for unity among Believers – and I do mean DEEP!

 “We must invite the prophets back into the church and welcome them with open arms.” I thought it was interesting that this was his opening comment. Of course, many of the pastors looked over and smiled at me.

He made it clear that theology shouldn’t divide us.

When I got saved, my leaders taught me that the Roman Catholic Church was the “mother harlot” in the book of Revelation. About that time, the Holy Spirit decided to fill the Catholics the same way He did us Protestants, and suddenly the Catholic charismatic renewal was born. It became kind of hard to teach that junk after that (though some still do). Especially when the person sitting next to you in the meeting was singing in the Spirit, and is a Catholic! Surprise!!!

For some the reconciliation of Believers on the earth is the sign of the new world order – the ushering in of the Antichrist’s reign.

It’s hard to imagine how a proactive move towards loving an entire people group, forgiving one another, and reconciling after 500 years of hatred and persecution can lead to the rule of satan. But religious people can find a problem with every opportunity!

Pope Francis, thank you for having the guts to brave the religious system, and reach beyond the borders of tradition to love a group of people, some of whom refuse to love you back. God bless you! You have become one of my heroes.

Vallotton met with Pope Francis and considers him his hero. He doesn’t see how reconciling with a group of people who teach justification by works is a work of Satan. He gives legitimacy to the Roman Catholic Church because of what was manifested within the RCC during the charismatic renewal. Spiritual manifestations, not correct doctrine is the litmus test for Kris Vallotton. He says it’s “junk” to have a negative opinion of the RCC.

In the greater context do you see the problem with Kris Vallotton’s direct revelation from God? He’s more than willing to unite with people who are in heresy. Why? Because of the spiritual manifestations he sees, and because of what God supposedly told him.

It’s quite clear the spirit speaking at Bethel Redding is not the Holy Spirit.

We’ve seen their liturgical prayers to mammon, propagation of the idea that God let’s us see rich people so we’ll know how to become rich, and a prophetic word saying God needs our permission to do stuff.

Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and Bethel Redding have more in common with David Koresh, Joseph Smith, Ellen. G White, than they do with orthodox biblical Christianity. For them the litmus test isn’t what’s revealed in scripture, rather the litmus test is the new direct revelation revealed to their depraved imagination, and the spiritual manifestations shared with fellow doctrinal truth denying heretics.

There is a demonic spirit(s) behind Bethel Redding, The Toronto “Blessing”, IHOP, and anything associated with those streams. It’s becoming very clear that that demon is calling people to a blind unity to false demonic doctrines and manifestations in the name of Christ.

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