De-Bereanizing: Prophet Passion Java Attempts Disabling Discernment by Saying He’s God’s Anointed


Prophet Passion Java is trying to De-Bereanize people by saying you can’t criticize the office God has created. He says that Jesus didn’t point out Judas when he was betrayed, and he says Jesus didn’t speak out against him, thus if Jesus wouldn’t speak against an office, we also should not speak against an office.

One problem, none of that is true. Jesus specifically called out Judas. Jesus said to Judas in John 13:27, “What you do, do quickly.” Jesus also spoke against Judas specifically. Jesus said “woe to him” in Mark 14:21.

Prophet Passion Java has not been granted an office by God. He’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of people and become beyond criticism. If apostles could be under close watch by the Bereans, then surely so can Prophet Passion Java.

So why is Passion Java trying to be above criticism? Because he has a cushy gig panhandling for money in the name of God. Those of you in polemics and discernment, add this guy to your watch list. He’s an African prophet, but he’s moving up the food chain in the USA.

He was on stage with Benny Hinn when Benny Hinn was selling trees in Israel for $100.


His in your face promotion of his extravagant lifestyle is shameless. I covered him over a year ago concerning that, read more here.

The last thing this guy wants is for people to be Bereans. He’d lose his high priced tacky suits and that cool car if people decided to have discernment. Don’t let these fakers turn off your sense of discernment and criticism. They haven’t been given offices by God, and they are surely not anointed by God.

1 John 2:20 and 27 says Christians have an anointing from God. If anyone should be worrying about touching God’s anointed, it should be these false prophets who are touching God’s anointed in the perpetual fleecing and merchandising of God’s church.

Original post here.

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