Conjuring Hell at the Cafe with Apostle Dave Kelly: “Chicken Neck Anointing”, Anointed “Voodoo” Staff and More


A full on conjuring of hell at a cafe is observed in a Facebook video tagged with Jo Ellen StevensTom KatenkampDonna JohnsonLisa Shelton SmithDonna (and David) Kelly. Apostle Dave Kelly is the main channeler of demons from the portal of hell, but he has plenty of help from others. This occurred at Marketplace Ministries Int’l Cafe & Conference Center in Richmond, Indiana.

In the video below you’ll see anything but Christianity. (Because if this was really God he wouldn’t need to be conjured like some demonic spirit.) There is a brief conjuring session to open the portal of hell, followed by possession then transference of demons. You see what looks to be some sort of anointed voodoo like staff, and Apostle Dave Kelly looks like he has a chicken neck anointing. Truly weird stuff.

The Facebook event announcement is here.
Original Facebook post here.

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