Epic Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias From a Todd White Follower on Youtube


I got into an exchange with a Todd White supporter on Youtube regarding one of my videos. What followed was an epic in the wild example of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias.

I pointed out that Todd White considers the money grubbing false teacher Kenneth Copeland rock solid and a mentor. The White supporter replied back that he doesn’t agree with Copeland one bit. A few exchanges later he says that White may have lied about that in order to get money. So he’s now admitting that White may have lied for money. At this point he should maybe start questioning things. NOPE! He doubles down!

Later he says he’s sure the Holy Spirit is convicted White to renounce Copeland. So now he admits White isn’t just someone who lies to get money, but he’s also in open rebellion to God. With these two huge things, you’d think he’d start to question. NOPE!

The deception is strong, and clearly needs more than the weapon of a better argument. Keep these people in prayer.

I’ll put the screen shots below. You can read it on Youtube here. It’s with the person identifying as Dan Farber.



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