“ME”ga2k18 Lowlights – Self Worship and Phony Hyper Emotional Breakthroughs


Ryan Lestrange’s MEGA2k18 was an ode to self in the name of God, full of trumped up phony hyper emotional breakthroughs. Below is a highlight video from Ryan Lestrange. Notice the emphasis on self.

It’s sad to see the bondage these false apostles and prophets put people in. They’re promised that God wants to make them all a well known apostle or prophet. It’s just that for now they’re dwelling in obscurity in the wilderness. What’s the solution to coming out of obscurity? Coming to conferences like this of course so you can get an impartation, and word from God, to at least string you along until the next conference.

These people are promised a breakthrough, but in reality they’re simply worked up into an emotional frenzy, and once they reach an emotional high, they think they’ve actually achieved something. They’ve only accomplished an emotional release, similar to a high school pep rally.

Listen people, if your leaders make ministry sound like it’s all about you, then you need to find new leaders. God is not a means to making your ministry exist. It’s not God’s job to reveal you or make you known. When your leaders appeal to you this way, they’re appealing to your sin nature.

If you’re coming to God because you feel overlooked and ignored, and think he can make it so you’re looked at, overbooked, and sought out, your heart is in the wrong place. Any leader who would appeal to that wrong is in the wrong.

Ask God to grant you repentance if this is you. Ask him to change your sinful nature through trusting in what Jesus did for you and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to help you mortify that prideful aspect of your sin nature.

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