NAR USCAL Apostle Leader Dale Bronner Speaks at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church


NAR USCAL leader and apostle Dale Bronner spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. The video of his sermon on Saddleback’s Youtube channel is dated September 5, 2017.

Dale Bronner is listed as an associate convener on the USCAL website. ICAL also verifies that position on their website. I’m cautious about swinging the NAR(New Apostolic Reformation) term around as a coverall for everything, but the USCAL site uses that term in an article on their website. Since he’s a major leader of that organization, and the writer of that article Joseph Mattera is the head leader, I have no problem applying the term to Bronner since his very organization uses the term.

I covered Dale Bronner before because he told his Facebook followers to find inspiration from the whispers of angels. Dale Bronner is also the leader at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.

It should be very concerning that a major leader such as Rick Warren handed his church over to a word of faith, NAR apostle, that could have possibly told them to listen to the whispers of angels.

I’m not going to do further analysis on this. I’ll leave that to the heavier hitters. This blog often serves as something that raises awareness of an issue. It may serve that purpose this time. Links to all of my claims are in the content above.

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