Francis Chan Open to Strange Manifestations? “Even If I look stupid” “Try to look like I’m in control”


Francis Chan had a potentially concerning prayer about the Holy Spirit at Awaken the Dawn, that had people in attendance like Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, and Todd White. He asked to be lead by the Spirit, to hear the Spirit, and be filled with the fullness of God. In the prayer he said he didn’t want to be concerned about looking stupid and about not being in control.

A prayer like this is concerning because of the company he’s been keeping with the likes of IHOP, Mike Bickle, and Lou Engle. It could indicate he’s open to their unbiblical demonic manifestations. Are we seeing further movement of Chan into accepting the fringe practices of Charismania?

Chan also gave a prayer where it looks like he might be saying we shouldn’t divide from heretics like Engle.


The church needs to keep their eyes on this situation. Chan still holds a lot of credibility with many.

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