Holy Ghost Finger Gun Is Biblical but John MacArthur Is Not? Dr. Michael Brown


Rolland Baker’s Holy Ghost finger gun is biblical, but John MacArthur is unbiblical? Dr. Michael Brown just uploaded a video to Youtube about fellowship with the Holy Spirit and experiencing God. In the video he said John MacArthur is unbiblical in the area of fellowship with the Holy Spirit and experiencing God.

I can prove that Dr. Brown has more in common with the dangerous unbiblical fringes of charismania and how they “experience God”, than he does with a biblical concept of experiencing God and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Dr. Michael Brown has promoted the book and ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker. He knows all about odd manifestations in their ministry. With his own mouth he affirms the unbiblical idea that the Holy Spirit will make Christians convulse, stagger, fall, and unable to go to the bathroom for days. With his own hands he’s practiced the unbiblical “slain in the Spirit” manifestation. Watch the video below to see my points proven true.


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