Dr. Michael Brown Says the Holy Spirit Can Cause Staggering, Convulsing, Laughter, and Falling


You know all of that weird stuff we’ve observed Heidi Baker doing in various videos? Dr. Michael Brown might attribute that to the Holy Spirit. In the video below you’ll observe Dr. Brown saying the Holy Spirit can cause convulsing, staggering, laughter, and falling.


“The Spirit is not a showman; He is a Sanctifier. He may cause us to weep or laugh or stagger or fall.”


Michael Brown Message to PFT

Heid Baker.

Todd White Promises All Sexually Transmitted Diseases Will be Healed at Awaken the Dawn


Todd White told everyone at Awaken the Dawn that he’ll be judged for the words he speaks on the microphone. Despite his claim to knowing that, he promised everyone that they’d be healed of any sexually transmitted disease they may have.

Todd White has been going around telling people that everyone he prays for is getting healed. That’s easily debunked here.

Full message here.

Dr. Michael Brown Says Holy Spirit Caused Woman to Convulse in Laughter and Double over in Front of Him


Dr. Michael Brown can’t get away from the wacky leaven of Charismania. This time he’s on record describing how he outright participated in it. He says that during a meeting where he was praying for people, the Holy Spirit caused a woman to convulse in laughter and double over. Brown claims this is the work of the Holy Spirit. Watch below.

Dr. Michael Brown has many good things to say, the problem is that his participation in Charismania, and  closely rubbing elbows with people in the wacky wing exposes his entire influence to the wacky leaven of Charismania.

The wacky leaven of charismania is more than a benign error or debatable doctrinal difference. There are plenty of differences that are benign and don’t necessarily blemish the credibility of a ministry. The wacky leaven of Charismania is not one of those benign differences.

Dr. Brown has so many opportunities to free himself of the wacky leaven.

He could have corrected Jonathan Cahn’s hermeneutic that says we could have predicted Clinton’s scandal, 9-11, the election of Obama, the election of Trump, if only we had seen coded micro-patterns in an Old Testament narrative. Instead of rebuking it, he made it a plausible way to hear God’s voice, as he even attempted to sell Cahn’s book!

He could depart from prosperity teachers like Sid Roth and Jennifer LeClaire. Instead he does ministry with them, and promotes their work.

He could have labeled Jennifer LeClaire’s Sneaky Squid Spirit as nonsense. Instead he tried to drag it into the realm of the plausible.

Man made, extra biblical doctrine is like leaven, it spreads into all areas of one’s ministry. In this case the wacky of Charismania ends up making Brown look wacky too, regardless of the many good things he has to say.

Full message here.

Dr. Michael Brown Promotes Cahneutics (Brown Promotes Jonathan Cahn’s Wacky Hermeneutic)

This has been covered by others, but I wanted to create a more succinct presentation for those of us with shorter attention spans. Dr. Michael Brown promotes the wacky biblical interpretation techniques of Jonathan Cahn. Even attempts to promote and sell his book.


Full interview



Should Dr. Michael Brown Depart from Prosperity Teachers Sid Roth and Jennifer LeClaire?

Dr. Michael Brown has been a friend of Sid Roth for 33 years, and appears on his show, and even guests hosts. Sid Roth affirms the prosperity gospel, and other really weird things. Jennifer LeClaire also affirms the prosperity gospel and really weird things, and Michael Brown works with her regularly, and he has encouraged people to go listen to her speak. 1 Timothy 6:5 says people who preach godliness as a means of gain have corrupted minds and are destitute of the truth. Dr. Brown agrees with that and even says to depart from such people. There appears to be some contradiction on the part of Dr. Michael Brown on this matter. Watch the video below.

This video shows
1. LeClaire and Roth saying God wants all to have an ocean front condo.
2. Brown clearly denouncing the prosperity gospel and saying to depart from those who preach it.
3. Brown affirming Jennifer LeClaire. Brown saying they work regularly. Brown encouraging others to go listen to her.
4. Brown calling Roth a good friend of 33 years.


Jennifer LeClaire on Sid Roth – Ocean Front Condo

Dr. Michael Brown on 1 Timothy 6:5 and Prosperity Gospel

Dr. Micael Brown on Sid Roth Show

Dr. Michael Brown Tiptoes Around Trinity – Modalism – Oneness Pentecostalism



Dr. Michael Brown tiptoed around the topic of oneness pentecostalism, the Trinity, and modalism in my opinion when he was asked about the issue during his Line of Fire broadcast on 01-23-2018. I think his attempt to be graceful on the topic, resulted in Brown being unclear during his explanation. I don’t know how to describe what he said accurately. I don’t want to slander him by putting words in his mouth. You can listen and decide for yourself.

In my opinion it sounds like he’s saying that belief in the triune nature of God isn’t necessarily salvific, and that some of the finer points between oneness pentecostals and trinitarians are legitimately debatable issues, which allow both sides to remain within the realm of orthodoxy. If that’s what he’s saying, I strongly disagree.

Near the end he says modalism is heresy. He seems to be trying to draw a distinction between modalism, and what the oneness pentecostals believe. Most would say you can’t split that hair, that in fact, it’s the same hair. By drawing a distinction, I think he’s attempting to put oneness pentecostals within the realm of orthodoxy. If that is what he’s trying to do, I believe he’s wrong.


Listen around 1:33. Brown clearly acknowledges that oneness pentecostals do not believe in God’s tri-unity. In my opinion, if you can’t call that heresy, that’s very concerning. I don’t know how he can draw a distinction between what he said they believe and what modalists believe.

Around 5:07 Brown tries to put errors on this issue on the same level as errors on debatable/non-essential issues. I don’t think this kind of error is on the same level.

I think he’s trying to smuggle oneness pentecostalism into orthodoxy by pulling a false distinction out of his hat.

I appreciate his graciousness in acknowledging the potential for true believers to possibly exist in really bad churches, as an exception to the normal. Unfortunately I think he goes too far when he blurs the lines between essential differences and non-essential differences.

The triune nature of God is an essential doctrine that hits at the very core of who God is. It can’t be swept under the rug as a minor error.


Browne Droppings – Rodney Howard-Browne’s Continued False Manifestations


Rodney Howard-Browne gained popularity in the 1990s for the presence of holy laughter at his revival meetings. He was hand in hand with the so called Toronto Blessing. Sadly, Browne continues the false manifestations today. He has lost some weight, but his twisted ministry has not lost any steam. Below is a brief video where he apparently shoots people with fire that causes them to drop to the ground and flop and roll like fish.

You can watch the video in its entirety. You’ll see the same rehashed false manifestations like holy laughter, falling to the ground, flopping, dropping, rolling, and screaming.

Video Debunking Todd White’s Claim that Everyone he Prays for is Healed


In a video posted to Todd White’s Youtube channel on January 6, 2018 he claims everyone he prays for is getting healed. He claims something has shifted and changed. His claim is easily debunked by a video he posted to his Youtube channel on January 19, 2018. I’ve compiled the clips below. You can watch the videos in their context at the end of this entry.




Videos in full context.

God Needs Your Sweet Talk Lovin’ – T.D. Jakes


God apparently needs your sweet lovin’. According to T.D. Jakes, God is a bit emotionally needy, and he may be holding back answers to prayer because you haven’t given him the amount of lovin’ he needs to hear.

On January 19, 2018 T.D. Jakes made a Facebook post promising breakthrough and answer to prayer if people simply opened their mouth and told God how much he means to them. He says God needs to hear how much he means to us.

Good Morning

The breakthrough doesn’t come through the word, it comes through the worship! The greatest way to gain your breakthrough is through opening your mouth and telling God how much He means to you. Love has to express itself, and to the best way to show it is to worship Him in spirit and in truth ( John 4:24). Just like you would tell someone who is close to you, God needs to hear it as well. He is a passionate God. Whatever He feels, He feels passionately. He knows what you are enduring. He gave his body to His bride, all He asks in return is your worship. Worship brings relationship with God and as you draw closer to Him, He will reveal more of Himself to you.

Watch the rebroadcast of #Intimacy now at tdjakes.org/watchnow or in the TDJ Mobile App#DailyDevotional #Friday 

He is portraying an idolatrous image of God. God isn’t emotionally needy. He doesn’t need to hear how great he is, and God isn’t giving out goodies in exchange for some flattery.
The God of T.D. Jakes is part God and part emotionally needy lover. God doesn’t need anything. Portraying God as anything less than the self-sufficient God that he is, is to portray a false image of God.

33 Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!

34 “For who has known the mind of the Lord,
    or who has been his counselor?”
35 “Or who has given a gift to him
    that he might be repaid?”

36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:33-36 (ESV)