Todd White got God to Electrocute People in a Baptismal for Him


Todd White tells of a time he got God to show up and electrocute people in a baptismal for him. For people like Todd White, ministry is mostly about finding a way to activate or trigger God to show up and do weird stuff so they can have a cool ministry.  This usually comes from some type of weird obedience or wacky self-denial. In this specific situation Todd White treats the baptismal electrocutions as a reward for his obedience.

Todd White, and many like him have a self-centered view of ministry. For them it’s all about having a ministry. God is the means for them to have a ministry. They find techniques, tactics, and triggers that cause God to “show up” and do all of these weird things.

The established gurus like White often make lots of money holding conferences, telling others how they can also have a cool ministry where God shows up and does weird things. The conferences describe the techniques and tactics it takes for God to show up. Often they’ll have altar calls where the guru(s) pray over the want to be and tell them that one day they too will have this cool ministry where God will show up and do weird things. The want to be is often strung along for years, being told that they’re simply wallowing in a desert experience, being prepared for the day God reveals them on center stage. Until the day God finally reveals them, the want to be goes from conference to conference, paying the guru, hoping to learn that one technique that will trigger God into putting them onto center stage just like the guru.

Full video here.

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