Why the Hyper-Focus on Dr. Michael Brown Lately?

Why have I had a hyper-focus on Dr. Michael Brown for the last few days?


Here is a list of reasons.

  1. Dr. Michael Brown lends credibility to destructive practices and ministries in charismania.
  2. So people can see that Dr. Michael Brown actually practices and promotes these destructive practices. Often people think he’s not that dangerous because he merely associates with these people, and after all, how can he be held accountable for everything they say and do? (Described below.)
  3. So people with more influence in Dr. Brown’s life can see first hand how he participates and promotes these destructive practices. My hope is that people like Dr. James White can see with their own eyes what Dr. Brown is saying, doing, and promoting. I’d love for them to pull Brown aside and correct him. Influential friends may be ignorant of these things (Described again below.) and they may think all of the controversy is the result of Internet hysteria and accusations based on guilt by association alone. The end goal is that he would renounce the wacky destructive practices he associates with and promotes.
  4. So the wacky leaven of charismania can be removed from Brown’s ministry. The wacky leaven overshadows his ministry.


Here is a recap of the wacky and destructive things within charismania that Dr. Michael Brown practices and promotes.

  1. He promotes and practices the idea that the Holy Spirit can make people convulse in laughter (holy laughter), stagger, fall (slain in the spirit). Link to article click here.. Link to video click here.
  2. He promotes the idea that God causes people to be overcome (paralyzed) by God for days, to the point they can’t even make it to the bathroom on their own for days, or even drink water on their own for days. Link to article click here. Link to video click here.
  3. He promotes the wacky interpretive methods of Old Testament narratives by Jonathan Cahn. He makes these invalid methods look like plausible ways to interpret scripture and hear from God, and he even promotes Cahn’s books. Cahn believes we can see micro-patterns in some old testament narratives that can help us foresee things like Clinton’s scandal, 9-11 attacks, the election of Obama, the election of Trump. Instead of denouncing this, Brown considers it plausible. (This wacky interpretive method goes way beyond what 1 Corinthians 10 tells us to do.) Link to article click here. Link to video click here.
  4. He closely associates with and promotes the ministries of known promoters of the prosperity gospel. Link to article click here. Link to video click here.


If you’re an influential friend of Dr. Michael Brown, please read and view the things above. Please find a way to correct Dr. Brown. If you know people who follow Dr. Brown, please use the information above to warn them. Show them that this isn’t merely about guilt by association, but is about the promotion of dangerous practices by Dr. Michael Brown.

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