Should Dr. Michael Brown Depart from Prosperity Teachers Sid Roth and Jennifer LeClaire?

Dr. Michael Brown has been a friend of Sid Roth for 33 years, and appears on his show, and even guests hosts. Sid Roth affirms the prosperity gospel, and other really weird things. Jennifer LeClaire also affirms the prosperity gospel and really weird things, and Michael Brown works with her regularly, and he has encouraged people to go listen to her speak. 1 Timothy 6:5 says people who preach godliness as a means of gain have corrupted minds and are destitute of the truth. Dr. Brown agrees with that and even says to depart from such people. There appears to be some contradiction on the part of Dr. Michael Brown on this matter. Watch the video below.

This video shows
1. LeClaire and Roth saying God wants all to have an ocean front condo.
2. Brown clearly denouncing the prosperity gospel and saying to depart from those who preach it.
3. Brown affirming Jennifer LeClaire. Brown saying they work regularly. Brown encouraging others to go listen to her.
4. Brown calling Roth a good friend of 33 years.


Jennifer LeClaire on Sid Roth – Ocean Front Condo

Dr. Michael Brown on 1 Timothy 6:5 and Prosperity Gospel

Dr. Micael Brown on Sid Roth Show

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