Christians Can’t Control Hurricanes – Dr. Michael Brown Corrects False Teaching


Dr. Michael Brown corrected the false teaching from the likes of Kat Kerr, Lance Wallnau, Robert Hotchkin and others that Christians can take authority over the weather, and command hurricanes, during his Line of Fire broadcast on 09-14-2017. Dr. Michael Brown said, “I do not see in the word that we have authority over weather.”

Lance Wallnau has been seen commanding millibars in Hurricane Irma to rise, and commanding it into the ocean.

Kat Kerr was seen telling Christians they are above the weather, demonstrating how to take authority over a hurricane and cast it out into the sea. She even made a ruling that Hurricane Irma couldn’t hit the coast of Florida.

Robert Hotchkin of Patricia King‘s XP Ministries said the Holy Spirit told him to do something about the weather once and take authority over it.

Those who teach, preach, and believe Christians have authority over the weather should listen to Dr. Michael Brown on this matter.


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