Is there a concerning linking of Steven Furtick to Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson and Shawn Bolz?


Is there an important and concerning linking and association between Brian Houston, Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson, Shawn Bolz, and Steven Furtick? One of my strengths is scavenging for data, but one of my weaknesses is connecting dots and finding important connections. I’m asking for your input on this one. Please let me know if there is a “there there”.

In my Facebook feed I have seen two concerning ads which seem to link or associate some big names and people with really bad doctrine and practices.

First is this ad about Open Heavens at Bethel Redding Church, October 4-6, 2016. You’ll notice Brian Houston of Hillsong, Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, and Shawn Bolz.

Second are the ongoing Hillsong Conference 2016 ads featuring Steven Furtick which puts him in association with Brian Houston.

I think most people reading this blog are aware of the issues with Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson. Shawn Bolz is known for his cold readings and psychic like “prophecies”. Read here if you need some catching up on Shawn Bolz.

So you have Brian Houston clearly ministering with and associating with the likes of Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson and Shawn Bolz. You then have Steven Furtick ministering and associating with Hillsong and Brain Houston who have said associations with Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson and Shawn Bolz.

Is that one degree of separation or association between Furtick and Bethel Redding/Bill Johnson/Shawn Bolz somehow significant? If yes, why is it significant?

I keep seeing Furtick associating with someone who associates with the craziness of Bethel Redding, Shawn Bolz, and Bill Johnson, and I think there is something there, I just can’t put my finger on it. Can you? Assuming there is something there. Is this whole thing a stretch?


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