Prophet SEER 1 Kills Mermaid “Mommy Water” Responsible for Local Accidents


Prophet SEER 1 killed a mermaid named Mommy Water. He claims God told him she was responsible for local road accidents and deaths.

His Facebook post.


I DON’T know what you will do if you don’t read this short story.

Please stop what you are doing and read this.

I was invited to go and minister in Solwezi, when i got there i was told that the amount of road accident happening there was terrible.

The following day was the crusade, “the largest crusade” ever in Solwezi.

Immediately i climbed the pulpit to minister, God opened my eyes and i saw a very big mermaid “mommy water” swimming a river far away from the crusade ground and God said to me, this is the woman responsible for death in this city go and destroy her.

It shook the whole Solwezi as i stood down from the pulpit and requested for the police and the whole congregation to escort to the river.

Guess what! When we got there here she was, a huge mermaid, swimming round the river, even with the loud noise of the multitude that got there before me she didn’t shake, she didnt disappear.

Immediately i approached the river she hurriedly swam away and God said she is dead.

Power met power, the lesser one ran away.

I don’t know who you are tonight, but one thing i can assure you tonight is that immediately you Type Fire and share this post, anything behind your problem shall disappear by fire in Jesus name.

Seer 1


He also promises if you type fire and share his post your problems will disappear by fire in Jesus name.

The absurdity speaks for itself. Pray for this man to repent and for his followers to have their eyes opened wide.



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