The Amanda Demon Keeps You Poor Says Prophet Major 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, nicknamed Major 1, says there is a demon called Amanda that holds the finances of people, leading to poverty.


All you have to do is hold your money in the air, hold it high, and he’ll command Amanda to go.


One thought on “The Amanda Demon Keeps You Poor Says Prophet Major 1”

  1. The number claims made by this so-called man of god are border line ridiculous and for that matter, unbiblical. He needs prayer and be held accountable for Prosperity Gospel teaching, which has spread throughout Africa like wild fire . A demon named Amanda is holding back financial blessings from God’s people is just unbiblical. I weep in prayer for my African brothers and sisters to use the spirit of discernment to try these so called men of God . I also continue to bray for Major 1. May God forgive him.


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